Autotext in any Program

PhraseExpress can expand text abbreviations into words and sentences:

Autotext Feature

This works everywhere and not just in MS Office.

No matter whether you work in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Thunderbird, InternetExplorer, Opera or FireFox.

Multiple Choice Autotext

The same Autotext can be associated to multiple phrases to create a multiple choice text:

Multiple Autotext

The popup window right next to the cursor allows you to pick the desired phrase.

Optional Autotext

Automatic text replacement can be annoying. PhraseExpress can suggest phrases for optional insertion:

Optional Autotext


No more memorizing abbreviations.

You don't need to remember text abbreviations. Just start typing the beginning of any desired text and PhraseExpress offers to autocomplete it for you:


PhraseExpress narrows down the menu to matching items as-you-type.

Built-In Pocket Calculator

Need a quick calculation while typing?

PhraseExpress calculates math expressions as-you-type in any document:

Calc as you type

No need to switch between a calculator and your text editor!

PhraseExpress auto-formats decimal and thousands separators depending on your input.

SmartCaps feature

PhraseExpress automatically adapts capitalization to your input:

Smart capitalization

Restrict Autotext to specific apps

Autotext and hotkeys of any phrase can be restricted to specific programs:

Restrict programs

The same autotext can have a different meaning in different programs.

If you do not want text replacements in specific applications,  just exclude PhraseExpress from it with a press of a button.

This can be specified globally or per phrase or sets of phrases.

Import existing autotexts

Import your existing autotext libraries, created in Microsoft Word for use in any program. Or import data from Excel spread sheets or CSV files in no time.