Autocomplete text as you type

Type two or three letters and PhraseExpress offers you matching phrases in a popup menu:


No more need to memorize text abbreviations or hotkey shortcuts!

Instead of entering mnemonics or cryptic abbreviations, you just start typing the beginning of a phrase.

You also don't need to specify autotext shortcuts. PhraseExpress automatically uses the phrase description which is derived from the phrase.

How to enable SmartComplete

SmartComplete can be enabled for individual phrase folders of your phrase library.

Highlight the desired phrase folder on the left and select the "SmartComplete" Autotext option on the right:

How to enable SmartComplete

Then just copy, create or import phrases into the folder that you want to use with the SmartComplete feature.

PhraseExpress can import existing documents and populate your SmartComplete folders with separate phrases for each line of your documents. Just drag your text files from the Windows Explorer into the SmartComplete folder and watch the magic.