New in PhraseExpress v14

Check out what's new in PhraseExpress for Windows:

Code-free macro functions

New lightweight syntax for optimal readability

PhraseExpress v14 enables you to create macro functions, automations and procedures without any programming skills.

  • Even when nesting macros, you will not see a single line of cryptic macro code!
  • Smart and context-aware dialogs guide you through the creation of advanced forms, text processing tasks and much more.
  • Macros are displayed as compact placeholders, thus improving the readability of your phrases.
  • Macros can store reusable contents for use in other phrases.

Variables Manager

All macros in one place

Macros can now be used in multiple phrases without the need to re-create them over and over:

It's easy as 1-2 3:
  1. Drag & drop a macro you wish to reuse in other phrases into the new variables manager.
  2. Drag & drop the macro into any phrase where you want.

Changes to the macro are instantly applied to all phrases using this macro.

Macro Recorder Screenshot

Macro Recorder support

PhraseExpress v14 seamlessly integrates with our new macro software "Macro Recorder":

Like a video recorder, Macro Recorder records recurring workflows that you call up in PhraseExpress using autotext, hotkeys or macro functions (more info).

The PhraseExpress Enterprise Edition includes a special Macro Recorder license!

Dynamic form

Build forms that adapt as you type

Fill-in forms dynamically display/hide input sections based on your input.

Forms are no longer a static scaffolding, but rather intuitively guide you as you fill-in the form.

  • Slick forms, that ony show input elements, that are actually required.
  • Intuitive, dialog assisted data entry.
  • Drop dead simple to create.

Live form output preview

The output preview updates in real-time as you fill-in the form, so you get the full picture about what is about to be inserted into your target application:


Language Translation

PhraseExpress supports the online service Deepl Pro to translate phrases, entire phrase levels and any text into several languages (separate fees apply).

Phrase insertion

ID based phrase nesting

When embedding a phrase into another phase, the embedded phrase are referenced by an internal ID instead of using autotext as identifiers:

  • Bullet-proof phrase identification which works even across different phrase files or databases.
  • Changes to autotexts will not infere with any phrase linking anymore.
  • No more ugly dynamically generated autotexts for phrase linking purposes.

Date in several languages

Multi-language date stamps

The date stamp feature can now output day and months names, such as "Monday" or "February" in several languages:


New IF-THEN-ELSE function

Multiple conditions can now be combined with AND or OR-logic:

RegEx search

RegEx support

RegEx support for powerful search queries and advanced string operations:

Example applications:
  • Search for all email addresses in your phrase library.
  • Perform a query to find variations of a specific word, e.g. "auto" and "autos" but not "automobiles" and "automatic"
  • Find all matches of a specific character sequence, e.g. IP addresses or order numbers in a specific format.

Multi-tab editor

Multi-tab editor

The new multi-tab editor lets you toggle between multiple phrases with ease:

Improved Spell Checking

Enjoy automatic spell checking in real-time as you enter text templates in PhraseExpress:

  • PhraseExpress can now spell-check in nine languages and more languages can be added easily.
  • The spell check library contains tens of thousands of spelling corrections and can be extended with custom words with a click of a button.

Compatibility with new Mac Version 3

There is also a new Mac version 3 and version 14 for Windows maintains compatibility.


…and numerous additional improvements. We carefully listen to user input and implement features continuously.

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New in previous PhraseExpress v13

Video walk through

Apply corporate identity changes in no time

You can now change the font type and size of all your phrases with a single action:

Bulk font and font size editing

  • Replace the font type or size of all phrases.
  • Change properties of specific font types and/or font sizes only.
  • Standardize varying font sizes or font types to a common default.
  • Apply changes to the whole phrase library or selected phrases or phrase folders.
  • Remove font formatting from your phrase library.

Phrase links

Phrase links allows you to reuse phrases in multiple phrase folders/files without redundancy:

Phrase links

  • Compile a separate menu of phrases from various phrase folders across your library.
  • Copy phrases as links in a separate folder for a different sorting.
  • The "Last Used" phrase folder makes use of links to minimize redundancy.

Clipboard Manager enhancements

The Clipboard Manager now recognizes multiple email addresses, URLs or file path in the clipboard contents:

Clipboard Manager detects multiple email addresses

  • Send an email to a specific address from a list of email addresses copied into the clipboard.
  • Open a specific URL in your browser from a batch of URLs in the clipboard.
  • Copy the path of any file copied to the clipboard or open the folder containing any of the files in the File Explorer.

Recycle bin feature

The recycle bin allows you to restore accidentally deleted phrases:

Trash bin feature

  • Each loaded phrase file has its own independent recycle bin.
  • Individual snippets or the whole recycle bin can be restored.

Enhanced user interface

New view options simplify snippet management:

Flattened phrase view

You can now see all phrases of any phrase folder (or your entire database) including the phrases of any subfolder in a flattened list and sort this list by number of uses, date of use, date of change, creation date, programming.

Additional improvements

  • Proxy server support now includes advanced authentication method.
  • If PhraseExpress is used as a Stand-Alone installation (without a PhraseExpress/SQL server), a separate license key is now required for each user and not for any computer anymore.
  • Enhanced table editing features in the phrase editor.
  • #extractxml can now read from URLs.
  • Form input boxes set to email syntax check now auto-sanitize and scan for emails.
  • New password protection option for commercial providers of phrase libraries.

New in PhraseExpress v12

PhraseExpress v12 introduced a fresh new Microsoft Office 2016 style user interface with ribbon-menus:

New three column layout

The optional three-column layout separates folders from phrases, making it easier to organize large phrase libraries.

The phrase selection menu boasts a clean Windows 10 look:

Phrase selection menu

Enhanced cross-platform compatibility

PhraseExpress v12 for Windows can sync phrases with the PhraseExpress versions for Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad and Android.

Multi-language phrases

Template boilerplate management taken to the next level - Literally.

You can now switch the same phrase library into different "levels", e.g. into different languages:

Multi language phrase library

When switching levels, the phrase folder structure, autotext and hotkey associations all stay the same!

You can switch the same phrase library between multiple languages or different products, departments, applications in no time.

This feature is available for SQL phrase databases only.

Additional changes in v12

  • Quotes in the popup search features enables exact search.
  • Phrase access settings now also include Active Directory sub groups.
  • A PhraseExpress for Windows license is now required for cloud/mobile device synchronization.
  • "Cheat sheet" feature to print a list of phrases including autotext and hotkey associations.

New features in version 11

Clipboard collections

Watch the video demo

Multiple snippets can be output in one single action:

Clipboard Collection Output

This feature allows you to output a set of phrases with single mouse click:

Automatic enumeration

Sample applications:
  • Copy several web page snippets into the Clipboard Manager and output them as a comma-separated keyword list.
  • Fill in Excel spreadsheet rows with copied items by using the TAB delimiter.
  • Fill spreadsheet columns by choosing ENTER as the delimiter.

Document Generator v2

Watch the video demo

The Document Generator can now save the generated document into a file:

Document Generator

  • Generated documents can be based on a MS Word .dot(x) template.
  • The Document Generator optionally writes the document as a .txt/.rtf/.doc(x) file.

New form controls

Input forms have become even more powerful:

Watch the video demo

Form elements

New features:
  • Horizontal and vertical radio button groups
  • Slider for numeric input with custom min/max and default value.
  • Numeric input
  • Checkbox drop-down
  • Smart concatenation of multiple selections (e.g."BMW, Mercedes and Porsche") with customizable enumerators (comma, and/or).

Smart enumerations

Form elements can now be grouped to create automatically enumerated output.

Following example groups three checkboxes and a text input:

Grouped form elements

PhraseExpress analyses the user input and generates a smart enumeration including "and/or":

VW, Porsche and Tesla.

Advanced password protection

You can password-protect your phrase files with encryption for safe use of cloud services:

Password protection

No more tedious password input required. Protecting your PhraseExpress phrase files has never been easier.

New macro functions

The new {#CHECK …} macro functions compares values with multiple text strings and numbers:

Check macro function

Additional macro enhancements:
  • The macro function {#RANDOMTEXT …} inserts a random snippet of a selection of predefined phrases.
  • Macro function {#BALLOON …} can now perform an action if the notification is clicked.
  • {#EXTRACTXML …} can now extract entire XML file segments.

SQL Client Manager improvements

  • Any user can be elevated to a "master user" with general read/access rights to all phrases independent from any access restrictions.
  • The client program settings of the master user can be applied to all or a selection of client installations to allow central client configurations.
  • A new search feature in the SQL Client Manager helps to find specific users in large installations.

New features in version 10

Android app support

PhraseExpress goes cross-platform and is available as an App for Android, your Text Expander for smart phones and tablets:

PhraseExpress for Android

  • Medical Doctors can speed up documentation when visiting their patients with a tablet.
  • Customer support specialists can reply to customer inquiries on their smart phone wherever they are.
  • Support for more than 30 PhraseExpress macro functions allows you to automate your Tablet and SmartPhone.
  • Google Drive sync support keeps all your phrases, stored on the Android device, in sync with your Windows installation.

QuickFind in popup menus

This new QuickFind feature alone will revolutionize the way how you use PhraseExpress. Promised!

Trigger a popup and type a few characters of a phrase you need, …Boom, there it is:

Popup Search

  • Matching phrases appear at your finger tip.
  • No need to memorize shortcuts or hotkeys anymore.
  • No more digging through phrase folders structures.

Microsoft SQL server support

PhraseExpress now supports Microsoft SQL servers for company-wide access to your template databases.

The installation wizard makes setting up your SQL database as easy as "1-2-3".

PhraseExpress can connect to a Microsoft SQL server and locally stored phrase files simultaneously.

The Client Manager includes features for easy client deployment in large network environments.

The new user administration supports ActiveDirectory for easy SQL access configuration.

E-Mail notifications keep the administrator up-to-date about the database health status.

Version history

The version history helps you keep track of any change including the editor's name:

Version history

Any phrase can be instantly restored to any earlier version.

The preview shows changes of the phrases in real-time while scrolling through the version history. It's like a time machine for your phrases.

Outlook Add-In

The Outlook Add-In integrates PhraseExpress with Microsoft Outlook:

Autocomplete salutation

Make sure to add our sample Outlook Add-In phrases if you try this feature.

No more searching for the right phrase. PhraseExpress analyzes the email subject and body to filter on-topics phrases:

Context-aware phrases

  • No more embarrassing situations by misspelled names.
  • Personal email intros that are on topic ("Thank you for your interest in [product name is dynamically added]").
  • High accuracy by matching the first name against a large built-in database.
  • Gender detection based on the first name ("Mr./Ms.").
  • Works with German, too ("Sehr geehrter Herr Meier" / "Sehr geehrte Frau Kuhn")
  • Save time by phrase suggestions that match to the actual email context.

Form input validation

PhraseExpress now optionally validates user input to prevent syntax errors:

Users can't make syntax errors

User input can be validated against email address format, URLs, text or numbers only or file paths.

Enhanced data import

The batch import feature now imports entire file directories containing multiple text and bitmap files:

Import directory structures

Drag a file folder into PhraseExpress to recreate the file directory structure in your phrase library and import all files.

Import options can be specified for each file and file type:

Import options

Enhanced CSV/Excel import

PhraseExpress now imports Microsoft Excel-, CSV-files. Each column can be associated to either phrase contents, description, autotext, or hotkey:

CSV import columns

PhraseExpress can generate a multi-level phrase folder structures based on XLS/CSV columns:

folder structure import

In this example, PhraseExpress generated the phrase folder structure based on the first two columns of the Microsoft XLS source file.

Document Generator

The Enterprise Edition includes a powerful Document Generator to create complete documents with just a few mouse clicks:

Document Generator

You can preview the resulting document at any time. PhraseExpress can save the rendered document directly into a file with a automatically generated file name.

Templates can be created for quick re-use. Such templates can be nested and reused for new documents.

If trying Document Generator, make sure to also add our sample phrases.

Color highlighting

Find phrases easier by tagging them with colors:

Color tagged phrases

Easier creation of new phrases

You can now save new phrases directly into a folder of your choice:

Specify target folder

The new folder selection dialog with its search function makes it easy to define the desired destination:

Just start typing the beginning of the folder name and the tree narrows down to items that matches your input.

This new folder selection dialog is now available everywhere where you can select a target folder/phrase.

New features in version 9

Cloud support

PhraseExpress enters "the cloud" and allows you to sync the phrase files on all your computers.

Whether you work on your PC at home or with your laptop on the road, your phrases stay in sync on all your computers.

Password protection

If you store your sensitive phrase files in the cloud enjoy the new password-protection in PhraseExpress.

Password-protected phrase file are securely AES-encrypted. File transmission over the network is encrypted as well.

Multiple phrase files

PhraseExpress can now load multiple phrase files and/or SQL databases at the same time.

You can mix any number of local phrase files with a Microsoft SQL or PhraseExpress server connections.

Example applications:
  • Access a SQL server to share phrases with a local team.
  • Share an additional phrase file via Dropbox with remote team members over the internet.
  • Have your personal phrases securely stored in a phrase file locally stored on your own hard disk.

PhraseExpress combines all phrases of any data sources seamlessly into the phrase tree structure. Simply drag & drop phrases between different sources just like they were different folders.

Simultaneous access to the same phrase file

Multiple users can simultaneously load the same phrase file to share phrases with others:

Just save a phrase file to any network share, NAS box or Dropbox folder and all other users can load it from there, too!

No need to set up a server. No need to configure "linked shares" and the like. It works out-of-the-box.

Improved restriction to specific programs

Phrases can now be restricted to certain programs and even program titles with a significantly improved dialog:


New access restriction dialog

The phrase access restriction feature, as known from the PhraseExpress Server, has been improved and is now also available for the Stand-Alone Edition:

Access Restriction

The new dialog-based dialog simplifies configuring access restrictions.

Application-aware floating menus

Floating menus now automatically show up together with specified programs.

Example: If you are editing a text in Word, PhraseExpress can automatically display a floating menu with useful phrases you use in Word only. If you switch to Excel, the phrase menu automatically disappears and floating menu relevant for use with Excel appears.

This smart feature seamlessly integrates PhraseExpress into third party applications. The floating menus seem to belong to the actual target programs.

Context menu in the phrase selection popup

The phrase selection menu also provides quick access to useful extra features.

You can now easily paste phrases with/without formatting case-by-case or copy it to the clipboard instead of pasting the contents.

The context menu also provides access to additional useful configuration options for the selected element.

Enhanced calculation macro

The {#CALC …} macro function performs calculation of math expressions. The output foramt can be customized in great detail:

  • Configure specific numbers of digits to the left/right of the decimal point (e.g. 0004.69).
  • Optionally add thousand separators (e.g. 2 894 843) with a customizable separator.
  • Adapt decimal point to different country's number formatting (3.45 vs. 3,45).
  • PhraseExpress can optionally adapt the number output format to the input format.

Additional improvements in v9

  • The paste method is now customizable per target application to resolve incompatibility issues.
  • PhraseExpress can now remember the last used position of an input form.
  • The #formcombobox macro function allows you to enter choice descriptions separate from the actual macro outputs.