Version history

PhraseExpress Windows Client

Date Version Changes


  • Improved behavior if clipboard contains specific Excel related contents
  • Improved output of linked phrases.
  • #set macro now permanently stores variable contents into phrase file.
  • Notification if Microsoft Word is not installed.
  • Improved Email syntax check
  • Support for Deepl API v2
  • Improved translation of formatted phrases.
  • Improved behavior if hovering the phrase menu with expanded sub-menus.
  • Improved display of comments in phrases.
  • Improved macro parser
  • Solved issue with CTRL-click


  • Improved compatibility with 3rd party applications.


  • Improved error handling if macro functions link to non-existing phrases.
  • Improved clipboard access right check of clipboard related macro functions.
  • Support for super-/sub script and striked-through text.
  • Improved processing of linked phrases.
  • Empty items in form input drop-downs and form groups are now hidden.
  • Global variables now support a selection of non-latin characters if using PhraseExpress with a SQL server.
  • Flag "-required" in form input macros is now processed before additional macro processin.
  • Improved syntax check for form input controls.
  • Improved form group output with embedded macro functions.
  • Form item visibility may now contain (basic) macro programming.
  • In rare cases, space characters have not been output if directly prepending macro functions.
  • Caps sensitive autotext issue fixed.
  • Improved display of hints.
  • Improved processing of specific nested macro functions.


  • Deepl language support for Portuguese and Russian.
  • Visibility vs form output processing
  • Nested global vars vs phrase preview.



  • PhraseExpress v14 first release (new features).
  • If using a Mac, iOS or Android, such version would also be upgraded to the latest version.
  • "Mouse Recorder" has been replaced by more powerful new software "Macro Recorder" (special license included in a PhraseExpress Enterprise Edition purchase).
  • Form input macros now require an output definition (earlier PhraseExpress versions would fall-back to the label definition).
  • Mouse control macros have become redundant with Macro Recorder support and are removed.
  • Expert mode removed from user interface (expert mode features are still available).
  • Support for Firebird SQL Server is deprecated. Please consider using a Microsoft SQL server.

PhraseExpress Server

Date Version Changes



  • PhraseExpress Server v14 - release

PhraseExpress Client Manager

Date Version Changes



  • PhraseExpress Client Manager v14 release

PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager

Date Version Changes



  • PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager v14 release