Free PhraseExpress Add-Ons

Enhance PhraseExpress with additional functionality. Add-ons are provided as regular phrase files for import to your phrase database.

Click any of the below phrase file to download and install the add-on:

Add-On Description

Sample phrase file

This file contains sample phrases as provided with the installation file, including all below add-ons (excluding spelling corrections).

Outlook Add-In sample macros

Sample phrases for use with the Outlook Add-In. Auto-completes the name of the recipient in email replies, for example.

Document Generator sample macros

Sample phrases for use with the Document generator.

Special functions

Includes the special feature to insert the result of a mathematical expression (see example). Optionally replaces the input of '12*3=' with the result '36' (video demo)

Context Sensitive Search

Contractions Common English contractions
AutoCorrect - English Common English spelling corrections
AutoCorrect - German Common German spelling corrections
AutoCorrect - Dutch Common Dutch spelling corrections
AutoCorrect - Francais Common French spelling corrections
AutoCorrect - Espanol Common Spanish spelling corrections
AutoCorrect - Portuguese Common Portuguese spelling corrections
AutoCorrect - Italiano Common Italian spelling corrections
Chat Acronyms >1,600 common abbreviations used in chat
Medical Transcription

>46,000 terms for medical transcription

  • Additional German language add-ons are available on our German webpage.
  • Add-ons are provided free-of-charge as a complimentary download without warranty.
  • Add-ons are compatible with the current PhraseExpress Windows version only.