New in PhraseExpress v2 for Mac

Learn more about the new features of the latest Text Expander version for Mac:

Ribbon menus

Work faster with the new ribbon menus:

Ribbon menus

Access restrictions

When sharing phrases with other users, you can now specify, who can use or edit specific phrases:

:Access rights

This allows every user to use personal and shared phrases at the same time in a shared phrase file.

SQL Server Support

PhraseExpress for Mac v2 adds experimental support for connections to a Microsoft SQL server phrase database:

  • Windows and Mac users can share common phrases in a local network.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously edit phrases in the common database.
  • The professional client-/server architecture prevents write collisions and version conflicts.
  • Access can be restricted to specific users or workgroups, allowing users to configure personal and shared phrases.
  • Each phrase can be restored to earlier versions.

Additional Improvements

  • Recycle bin feature to restore accidentally deleted phrases
  • Phrase links allows you to reuse phrases as aliases in other folders.
  • Copy & Paste of phrases and folders within the phrase tree.

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