This is new in PhraseExpress for Mac

Upcoming in PhraseExpress v3 Beta for Mac

Mojave Support

PhraseExpress v3 supports the latest macOS version:

  • Dark Mode support
  • Brand-new user interface icon set.
  • Easy access to all macro functions
  • Macros are organized in groups
  • Extended notary validation

New lightweight macro syntax

You can now create macros without cryptic code.

  • Slick macro tokens instead of clunky macro code.
  • Better readability of your phrases.
  • Macros can be moved easily with drag & drop or copy & paste.
  • No programming skills required to create powerful macro functions.

Forms adapt as-you-type

Fill-in forms can now dynamically display/hide input sections based on your input. Forms are no longer a static scaffolding, but rather intuitively guide you as you fill-in the form.

  • Slick forms, that show only the fill-ins you actually need.
  • Intuitive, dialog assisted data entry.
  • No programming or quirky "if-then-else" formulas required.
  • Drop-dead simple to create. Promised!

Tabular Forms

Forms can now include tabular input with radio buttons, checkboxes or text input.

Macro Recorder support

PhraseExpress v3 can integrate the new Windows/Mac automation software "Macro Recorder" to playback repetitive tasks:

  • Automations can be triggered by hotkey or autotext.
  • Macro Recorder macros can be organized in the phrase tree structure.
  • Macro Recorder automations can be combined with other PhraseExpress macros.

AI-based Language Translation

PhraseExpress supports the AI-based service Deepl to translate any text into English, German, French, Italian or Polish language.

New phrase linking/nesting

Phrases can now be linked and nested by addressing them with an unique ID (instead of using autotext as identifiers).


  • Bullet-proof phrase identification, which works even across different phrase files or databases.
  • Changes to autotexts do not infere with any phrase linking anymore.
  • No more ugly dynamically generated autotexts for phrase linking purposes.
  • No need to manually define IDs. Simply drag phrases into other phrases to nest them.


You can try out the beta version today!


This was new in PhraseExpress v2

Learn more about the new features of the latest Text Expander version for Mac:

Ribbon menus

Work faster with the new ribbon menus:

Ribbon menus

Access restrictions

When sharing phrases with other users, you can now specify, who can use or edit specific phrases:

:Access rights

This allows every user to use personal and shared phrases at the same time in a shared phrase file.

SQL Server Support

PhraseExpress for Mac v2 adds experimental support for connections to a Microsoft SQL server phrase database:

  • Windows and Mac users can share common phrases in a local network.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously edit phrases in the common database.
  • The professional client-/server architecture prevents write collisions and version conflicts.
  • Access can be restricted to specific users or workgroups, allowing users to configure personal and shared phrases.
  • Each phrase can be restored to earlier versions.

Additional Improvements

  • Recycle bin feature to restore accidentally deleted phrases
  • Phrase links allows you to reuse phrases as aliases in other folders.
  • Copy & Paste of phrases and folders within the phrase tree.

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