Insert text by hotkey


Frequently used texts do not have to be typed in again and again by hand.

Wouldn't it be much more practical to put the text on a key combination and insert it with one keystroke?

No problem with PhraseExpress! This productivity software allows you to assign a text to your own key combinations.
Insert text with a shortcut key

The easiest way to put a text on a key combination in PhraseExpress:

  1. Mark the desired text in any application.
  2. Press CTRL-ALT-C to save the text.
  3. Select the hotkey you want to assign to call the text.
  4. Click OK to save the just created phrase of the selected shortcut.

Done. Whenever the selected key combination is pressed, the assigned text is output immediately.

This works in every application!

Manage key combinations

To get an overview of all keyboard shortcuts assigned to texts, open the PhraseExpress program window.

There you can change the hotkey assignments and manage the text templates in a folder structure.

Pro tip: In PhraseExpress, key combinations can be assigned not only to a single text, but even to multiple phrases.

If you press such key combination, a selection menu appears at the input cursor and you can conveniently select the desired text phrase.

The PhraseExpress manual contains more tips and tricks for assigning key combinations to texts.