Tips for an effective use of a text expander


Text blocks are a useful tool for creating and managing texts quickly and efficiently. They can be used in a variety of areas, from customer communication to marketing texts and internal communication to translations. If you want to use text blocks, there are some tips and tricks that can help you use them effectively.

  • Organize your text blocks meaningfully: To quickly access the required text blocks, they should be organized according to their content. You can create different categories in PhraseExpress to organize the phrases in a folder tree structure.

  • Use tags: To quickly find text blocks, you can add tags to them. For example, you can mark all text blocks dealing with a specific topic with the corresponding tag.

  • Create templates: If you often create similar texts, you can save time by creating templates. These templates can then be filled with text blocks to create individual texts.

  • Use the search function: To quickly access a specific text block, you should use the PhraseExpress search function. This way you can specifically search for certain text blocks instead of manually looking through them.

  • Synchronize your text blocks: If you use text blocks in multiple locations, such as on your PC and on your smartphone, you should synchronize them. This way you always have access to all text blocks, no matter where you are.

  • Set rules: To ensure that all text blocks have a uniform format, you should set rules. This could include the spelling of technical terms, the layout or the font type and size.

  • Create text blocks for frequently asked questions: If you frequently answer similar questions from customers or interested parties, you can save time by creating text blocks for these questions. This way you can quickly and easily respond to requests without having to rewrite the same text from scratch each time.

  • Use text blocks to draft standard emails: Emails that are frequently sent, such as confirmations or rejections, can be saved as text blocks. This saves you time and avoids mistakes that can easily be made when composing emails manually.

We hope this article has given you some useful tips and tricks on how to effectively use PhraseExpress. Remember that PhraseExpress is a tool to help you save time and effort. Therefore, use it accordingly and don't spend too much time creating and managing phrases.