TextExpander Alternative

PhraseExpress is our best TextExpander alternative for macOS, Windows and iOS.

TextExpander Alternative

But don't take our word – Check out, what 9to5mac has to say in their review "TextExpander vs PhraseExpress".

Multi-level snippet organization

More than just flat snippet groups:

Snippets can be organized in a customizable multi-level folder hierarchy for more flexibility.

Powerful Autotext Options

No more "conflicting autotext"!

PhraseExpress allows you to assign the same shortcut for multiple snippets.

Instead of "conflicting autotext" alerts, PhraseExpress offers you all matching snippets in a handy popup menu:

No more Autotext memorization

Tired of ;xdly and ;rjcd?

Instead of typing cryptic abbreviations, just start type the beginning of the desired phrase.

A smart menu narrows down matching items as you type.

Advanced Macro Language

A whole new level - Literally!

Macro functions add dynamic contents to static phrases. Without cryptic code:

Snippets can adapt to the recipient's gender, contents can be added depending on user input, time/date, calculations, etc.

PhraseExpress allows you to nest dozens of macros to create powerful tasks.

Multi-Platform Text Expander

Available for Mac, Windows and iOS

Rather than employing shared libraries that limit functionality to the lowest common denominator across multiple operating systems, each version of PhraseExpress is built using the native development tools specific to its respective OS. This approach ensures fast, responsive applications that fully leverage the unique features of each operating system.

Multi platform support

Fill-ins on steroid

Forms collect user input that is not only inserted into the snippet, but can also be used to perform calculations, conditional branching, string operations, and much more.

PhraseExpress does so much more than just inserting user input into a snippet in above example:

  • The snippet adapts to the gender ("he/she", "her/his") entered in the form.
  • Check-marked items are enumerated including conjunction "and".
  • Calculations have been made based on the user input.
  • The form input can be stored and re-used for other subsequent snippets.

Why choose PhraseExpress:

  • No subscription - No need to register, login and logout to any account.
  • No recurring charges - You own a life-time license with a single purchase. Period.
  • No online dependency - PhraseExpress does not depend on a central phrase server.
  • No forced use of cloud services - Your snippets are stored on your computer.
  • Flexibility - Autotext settings can be configured separately for each individual phrase.

PhraseExpress can import TextExpander snippets in a snap - Give it a try!

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