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The single installation file includes all product variations (demo, freeware, Standard/Pro and Enterprise Edition). You can test features of any edition for 30 days, allowing you to make a confident purchase decision. The software turns into the freeware mode for personal use only after the 30 days trial period. Only if you continue to use paid features, license notifications will start appearing. Those notifications can be disabled by registering a paid license key that turns the existing installation into a Standard, Pro oder Enterprise Edition. There is no need to install any new software - Any data entered during the trial period will still be available after purchase.

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PhraseExpress Server

To share phrases with multiple users in a local network, additionally download and install the PhraseExpress server:

Download PhraseExpress Server

SQL Client Manager

If you have a Microsoft SQL server, PhraseExpress can connect to your existing SQL server. The free PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager is used to create the phrase and license databases and to centrally manage users and client licenses.

Download SQL Client Manager

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