How to enter the Spanish n?


Do you often write Spanish texts? Do you always despair when searching for special characters in the Word symbol table?

Then it's time for PhraseExpress.

But first a general tip: Many special characters can be reached by typing the accent character ( è , é or ê ), followed by another letter. The alignment (é or è) can be defined in conjunction with the SHIFT key. Additional special characters can be reached with the Circumflex (^) directly underneath the ESC key of your keyboard.

But how to write for example the Spanish n (enje):

  1. In PhraseExpress, create a new phrase with the content ñ (really just the single character which you can copy & paste from here).
  2. As the "Autotext" abbreviation select the letter "n" (without "").
  3. Set the Autotext option to "Execute after manual confirmation".


If you now enter the letter n, PhraseExpress suggests replacing the n with the Spanish ñ, which you can accept or ignore by continuing to type.

This text replacement suggestion can also be restricted to specific programs if the suggestion shows up in unrelated programs.

Or you can assign the ñ not to the letter n, but to a key combination, for example CTRL+SHIFT+N.