The PhraseExpress server is retired

Software releases

The PhraseExpress Server will be retired with the release of the new PhraseExpress version 16.

But don't worry - everything will be better!

PhraseExpress v16 comes with an updated PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager installer that can set up a pre-configured Microsoft SQL Server in the free Express Edition with a push of a button.

Thanks to the robust SQL Server technology, many new functions are also available in the network:

  • Several users can edit phrases of the same database at the same time without having to wait for other users to finish editing.
  • The program startup time, loading time and network load are reduced, because PhraseExpress loads the phrase contents from the server only in the moment of insertion.
  • Earlier edit versions of each phrase can be reviewed and restored.
  • Phrases can be sorted by usage frequency/date in the phrase menu.
  • Phrase contents can be discussed in the team using the comment function.
  • The phrase database can be switched between several languages at lightning speed.
  • SQL servers are designed for a high number of users.
  • Even a large number of phrases including large images can be handled without problem.
  • PhraseExpress v16 now also supports Microsoft SQL Server in the cloud (Azure, AWS).

If no SQL Server installation is possible or desired, you can share phrases peer-to-peer with your NAS or cloud service.