Texter Alternative

The productivity blog Lifehacker has published "Texter", a little software utility, that offers basic text replacement features. Development of Texter has been discontinued though.

Powerful alternative to Texter

The alternative PhraseExpress has following benefits:

  • Windows 7/8/10 compatible
  • Support for formatted text and bitmaps
  • Android and iPhone App available
  • Phrases can be organized in customizable categories
  • Professional client-/server architecture to share phrases in a corporate network
  • and many more

Seamlesss transition

The Texter alternative "PhraseExpress" offers you a seamless transition of your existing hotstrings database into PhraseExpress:

Alternative to Texter

Text Snippets Organizer

PhraseExpress can manage your text snippets in a folder structure:

Phrase Tree Structure


The PhraseExpress freeware edition is free for personal use.