How to enter the copyright symbol


The copyright sign © is not directly available on the keyboard and it is not so easy to enter it directly.

There is a trick for it, but you have to remember a specific code and a keyboard shortcut:

You can enter different special characters, like the copyright symbol by holding down the left ALT key and simultaneously entering the number 184 on a full keyboard with number pad on the right side.

It is important to use the number pad and not the numbers at the top of the keyboard. For the computer, these are different keys.

PhraseExpress allows you to simplify the input of the copyright character without having to remember cryptic number sequences and key combinations.

You would write the copyright sign intuitively as (c).

Why not simply create a phrase with the copyright symbol as phrase content and the character string (c) as the autotext text shortcut.

From now on PhraseExpress would exchanges the input of the character string (c) with the real copyright character ©.