AutoHotkey Alternative

AutoHotkey is a software with awesome Windows automation capabilties. It's hotstring feature is a nice add-on to the automation capabilities but eventually not its main focus.

This is where PhraseExpress comes into place:

If you are looking for a powerful alternative in the text expansion department, you might want to give PhraseExpress a try.

Our best AutoHotkey alternative, "PhraseExpress", is specialized in text replacement and managing boilerplate templates.

You can seamlessly switch as PhraseExpress can import your AutoHotkey hotstring files.

PhraseExpress can manage your AutoHotkey snippets in customizable categories:

Text Templates can contain bitmap images, text formatting and Unicode.

PhraseExpress Features

  • Support for formatted text, tables and bitmaps.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS.
  • Phrase sharing with client-/server architecture and SQL Server support.
  • Clipboard Manager for quick access to the clipboard history.
  • Create powerful macro functions without a single line of code.
  • Established for more than 17 years and with >1.000.000 downloads.
  • Continued development
  • Freeware option

Easy to switch

Import your AutoHotkey data into PhraseExpress in a snap

We all hate boring tasks - That’s why PhraseExpress can import your AutoHotkey hotstrings, allowing you to check out the PhraseExpress benefits in an instant.

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