The iOS App is free-of-charge and provided as a complimentary offer without warranty and support.

Here you can find our collection of tips and tricks if you experience issues.

Keyboard issues

If you want to trigger PhraseExpress phrases by autotext abbreviations, Apple (not us!) demands to use a custom PhraseExpress keyboard. To our biggest regret, as far as we know does iOS not allow any integration of 3rd party apps into their system keyboard.

Neither the PhraseExpress custom keyboard nor the PhraseExpress App is allowed by iOS to check the "full access" status.

After you granted the PhraseExpress keyboard "full access" and you switch over to the PhraseExpress keyboard, the keyboard tries to access the clipboard to probe the access status. If access is successful, it assumes full access status and writes a corresponding flag for the PhraseExpress App, making it aware that it seems to have full access. You may need to restart the PhraseExpress App to make it read this flag.

If the flag is set, the App will suppress the notice to enable full access rights.

For unknown reasons, it seems that sometimes, iOS seem to want you reconfirming the access permission. This may make it necessary for you to confirm such request and then switch away and back to the PhraseExpress keyboard.

Synchronization issues

If you run into phrase synchronization issue, we recommend to start from scratch:
  1. Make sure that iCloud Drive is enabled.
  2. Uninstall the iOS App.
  3. If you use any PhraseExpress desktop edition which used to synchronize with an iOS device, stop sharing with iOS in the PhraseExpress desktop edition.
  4. Use the Apple iOS App "Files", navigate to the iCloud Drive folder and delete the folder labelled "PhraseExpress".
  5. Reinstall the PhraseExpress iOS App.
  6. In the PhraseExpress desktop edition, re-establish synchronization with iOS (make sure to select "Sync with iOS"!)
To verify synchronization:
  1. Launch the PhraseExpress iOS App and create a phrase.
  2. Swipe down the list of phrases to trigger synchronization.
  3. Give iCloud Drive sufficient time to transfer the changes to the desktop computer. On the desktop computer, you can check the iCloud Drive folder PhraseExpress if sync files have been downloaded onto the desktop.
  4. In the PhraseExpress desktop edition, press "Send/Receive updates" to verify that changes have been synchronized.