Time saving statistics

PhraseExpress can estimate how much time and money it saves by inserting phrases for you.

Example: Given a typing speed of 60 characters a minute, you would need approx. 2 minutes to enter a text containing 120 letters. When using PhraseExpress you would only require approximately 5 seconds to select the phrase or to trigger the Autotext. Thus, your time savings is 115 seconds for each phrase. Given an hourly rate of $20, PhraseExpress saved you 64 cent ($20 per hour * (120 seconds - 5 seconds) / (60 seconds * 60 minutes) = $.64).

This calculation is based on the typing speed and hour rate you can optionally enter in the App settings. Of course, no such data is transmitted to us and the configuration is optional. The input doesn't not affect the App's general functionality.

The statistic feature is for entertainment only and not suitable for accurate productivity measurement.

Gathering user performance statistics may violate employee privacy laws in your country. The feature can be disabled in the settings.