To open the PhraseExpress App settings:

  1. Launch the PhraseExpress App.
  2. Tap the PhraseExpress logo.
  3. Select "Program Settings".

Alternatively, open the iOS settings and scroll down to the PhraseExpress settings.

  • Mobile Data: If enabled, PhraseExpress also uses the cellular network to sync phrases between devices.
  • Sounds: If enabled, you will here a click sounds with every key press and phrase insertion.
  • Diacritic characters: If enabled, diacritic characters are offered when you long-press certain keys on the PhraseExpress keyboard.

Setting changes take effect after an App restart.

Allow Access

You can enable "Mobile data" to allow PhraseExpress to synchronize any phrase file change even if you are not connected to the local network.

Data synchronization over your the cellular network creates data transfer which may be charged by your cellular network provider.

Preferred Language

Here you can make iOS related language settings and select the desired PhraseExpress keyboard language layouts (English and/or German).

To use the PhraseExpress keyboard, it is essentially important to make sure that option "Full access" is enabled in section "keyboards"! If disabled, PhraseExpress cannot detect your input of autotexts.


  • Option "Shift vizualisation" shows keyboard characters in upper case if you press the SHIFT button.
  • "Auto-Capitalization" adapts the case of the first letter of a phrase to the case of the first letter of the entered autotext. It does not auto-capitalize your regular text input. This is an iOS option reserved by the iOS system keyboard.
  • Option "Letter preview" toggles the little letter indicator if you press a letter on the keyboard on or off.


Here you can configure PhraseExpress to output a sound on various action.


To use the language translation macro, you must enter a DeepL API key, that you can obtain from The free option is sufficient (as of December 2022).