Text Expander Freeware

We give away the PhraseExpress productivity boost free-of-charge to personal users (definition).

PhraseExpress is a major application and a dedicated team of professional developers is working hard for more than 16 years to make it what you find today.

The development is financed by the user group who benefits most - Professional users.

PhraseExpress actually tells how much it can save for you:

Time savings

A text that may require you 30 seconds to type is pasted within a second by PhraseExpress.

PhraseExpress easily pays off itself within a week. You just cannot afford not to use it.

Our freeware offering

All users can try all features of all PhraseExpress editions for Windows free-of-charge.

If using features reserved for one of the commercial editions, or if PhraseExpress is used in professional environments, license reminders are shown after 30 days. The trial period allows you to explore all features before making a purchase decision.

No license reminders are shown if you discontinue using paid features or if you purchase a license.

What is considered "professional use"?

We consider professional use in following cases:

  • Use during any full or part-time activities which generates any financial benefit (salary, wages, commission, revenue, etc.). Of course, PhraseExpress or we cannot not verify it and we depend on your fairness.
  • Use in a client-/server environment with a PhraseExpress or SQL server, on a Windows Server OS or with a domain controller.
  • Use of phrase files from different user accounts or sharing phrase files with other PhraseExpress installations.
  • Use of any paid feature.

Professional users must purchase a license after the 30 days trial period.