Text Expander for iPhone and iPad

No more tedious touch-typing!

  • Insert frequently used text into any App.
  • Expand abbreviations as you type.
  • Customize phrases with additional input.
  • Organize phrases in a multi-level folder structure.
  • Synchronize with all your iOS devices, Macs and Windows PC.


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Descriptive Menus

No more cryptic abbreviations - Just breeze through descriptive snippet menus.


PhraseExpress can auto-complete long words and sentences on demand.

Customizable Templates

Auto-generated forms can collect user input, that is processed and embedded into templates.

Cloud Synchronization

The iOS App can sync with other iPhones/iPads, Macs and Windows PCs.

Powerful Macros

Macro functions can link phrases, perform calculations, add manual input, insert time stamps and much more.

Multiple Choice

PhraseExpress allows you to re-use the same autotext for multiple phrases.

State of the Art Technology

PhraseExpress supports Split View and Slide View on modern iPads.

Freeware App

A freeware option for personal use allows you to manage up to 10 phrases. An one-time InApp purchase adds features. No subscription!

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