New features in version 9

Cloud support

PhraseExpress enters "the cloud" and allows you to sync the phrase files on all your computers.

Whether you work on your PC at home or with your laptop on the road, your phrases stay in sync on all your computers.

Password protection

If you store your sensitive phrase files in the cloud enjoy the new password-protection in PhraseExpress.

Password-protected phrase file are securely AES-encrypted. File transmission over the network is encrypted as well.

Multiple phrase files

PhraseExpress can now load multiple phrase files and/or SQL databases at the same time.

You can mix any number of local phrase files with a Firebird SQL or PhraseExpress server connections.

Example applications:

  • Access a SQL server to share phrases with a local team.
  • Share an additional phrase file via Dropbox with remote team members over the internet.
  • Have your personal phrases securely stored in a phrase file locally stored on your own hard disk.

PhraseExpress combines all phrases of any data sources seamlessly into the phrase tree structure. Simply drag & drop phrases between different sources just like they were different folders.

Simultaneous access to the same phrase file

Multiple users can simultaneously load the same phrase file to share phrases with others:

Just save a phrase file to any network share, NAS box or Dropbox folder and all other users can load it from there, too!

No need to set up a server. No need to configure "linked shares" and the like. It works out-of-the-box.

Improved restriction to certain programs

Phrases can now be restricted to certain programs and even program titles with a significantly improved dialog:


New Access restriction dialog

The phrase access restriction feature, as known from the PhraseExpress Server, has been improved and is now also available for the Stand-Alone Edition:

Access Restriction

The new dialog-based dialog simplifies configuring access restrictions.

Application-aware floating menus Pro Edition

Floating menus now automatically show up together with specified programs.

Example: If you are editing a text in Word, PhraseExpress can automatically display a floating menu with useful phrases you use in Word only. If you switch to Excel, the phrase menu automatically disappears and floating menu relevant for use with Excel appears.

This smart feature seamlessly integrates PhraseExpress into third party applications. The floating menus seem to belong to the actual target programs.

Context Menu in the phrase selection popup

The phrase selection menu also provides quick access to useful extra features.

You can now easily paste phrases with/without formatting case-by-case or copy it to the clipboard instead of pasting the contents.

The context menu also provides access to additional useful configuration options for the selected element.

Enhanced Calculation Macro

The {#CALC …} macro function performs calculation of math expressions. The output foramt can be customized in great detail:

  • Configure specific numbers of digits to the left/right of the decimal point (e.g. 0004.69).
  • Optionally add thousand separators (e.g. 2 894 843) with a customizable separator.
  • Adapt decimal point to different country's number formatting (3.45 vs. 3,45).
  • PhraseExpress can optionally adapt the number output format to the input format.

Chronological backup

PhraseExpress now saves a history of the last 99 phrase file changes:

  • The backup location can be user-defined.
  • Multiple users can share the same backup location. PhraseExpress automatically detects a shared backup location and integrates all phrase file changes into a common backup. Any backup entry is labelled with a timestamp, the editor's name and number of phrases making it easy to identify specific edits.
  • PhraseExpress keeps making backups if the configured backup location may become unavailable. e.g. if working on laptop abroad. Any such temporary backup is re-integrated with the original backup location on reconnection.
  • If the phrase file is password-protected, all backup files are also secured with the same password.

Additional Improvements

  • Sorting of system folder items (clipboard cache, last used phrases) is now independent from the general settings and those elements are sorted by the time when they are added.
  • The paste method is now customizable per target application to resolve incompatibility issues.
  • PhraseExpress can now remember the last used position of an input form.
  • The #formcombobox macro function allows you to enter choice descriptions separate from the actual macro outputs.

But wait, there is even more that changed since this version…