New features in version 8

Everyone knows letter tiwsts that happen over and over again. We provide more than 10,000 spelling corrections in 7 languages, but static misspelling correction dictionaries just can't help with individual typos.

Therefore, PhraseExpress now automatically recognizes your personal typing mistakes.

After a short learning period, PhraseExpress will offer to correct typos for you.

TypoLearn works in the background and requires no configuration.

Simplified Macro Editing

Macro functions are now highlighted in the text editor and can be clicked to open its specific macro parameter window.

Invisible characters, line breaks and line numbers can optionally also be displayed in the phrase contents input field.

Integrated Text Importer

PhraseExpress can now generate phrases including Autotext associations from each line of a plain text or Microsoft Word file.

Example application: Wikipedia provides lists of common spelling mistakes. Just save such webpage contents into a text file and drag it into the tree view of PhraseExpress.

PhraseExpress scans the file line-per-line for common separators between the phrase and the Autotext associations and generates separate phrases for each line of the source text file.

This new feature replaces and enhances the former Importer Utility that was offered as a separate program.

Enhanced #datetime macro function

The #datetime macro function can now also shift the date stamp by work days (Mo-Fr or Mo-Sa) and round time stamps to ¼, ½ or full hour values.

This allows you to shift payment deadlines by work days which can be useful for business correspondence. Also time stamps with rounded figures like 3:30 pm look better than 3:24.

New Text Prediction Features

PhraseExpress can now train the text prediction feature based on any Microsoft Word files or your current phrase file library.

Let PhraseExpress scan and learn a couple of your Word documents (you can select multiple docs in one go). The analysis only takes a few minutes and you will be amazed about the accuracy of the text suggestions you will get. It feels as PhraseExpress knows you for years…


But wait, there is even more that changed since this version…