New features in version 7

Certified Windows 7 compatibility

PhraseExpress 7 has been certified by Microsoft for Windows 7 compatibility.

Support of the native Microsoft Word Format

PhraseExpress can now store original Microsoft Word contents including embedded Excel spreadsheets, dynamic variables, place holders and special formatting options.

Incremental Autotext

This is a new Autotext option that offers you a choice of phrases that narrows down while you continue to type.

Popup menu Quickeys

Phrases can now be directly selected by using "Quickeys" as you can see in above animation.

You can choose between the numbers 1-9, Num1-Num9, letters a-z or function keys F1-F12 in combination with the SHIFT-, STRG-, ALT- or WIN-key.


Enter any calculation such as "10+5=" in any application in your normal text flow and PhraseExpress offers to calculate and insert the result once you enter the equal sign.

Floating phrase menus

Any phrase folder can now be placed on the desktop as a floating menu to provide quick access to the phrases permanently. This allows you to create documents from multiple text templates in a snap.

Input forms

The new form macros allows you to create phrases that collect data before inserting the phrase including the entered data.

You can add as many elements such input fields, checkboxes and text descriptions and even hyperlinks to the form.

Additional improvements

  • The mouse buttons can also serve as a hotkey in conjunction with a combination of SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, WIN. For example, CTRL-ALT-RightClick could trigger a phrase or a macro function in PhraseExpress.
  • The {#calc} macro can now round the result and the number of leading digits can be configured.
  • The new MSI installer package allows you to automate installations in large company networks.


But wait, there is even more that changed since this version…