New features in version 6

Up to 10x faster loading time

A new file format reduces the phrase file size by more than 10 times compared to previous versions.

Loading time in a network is consequently sped up by 10x. Phrases are now encrypted using the state-of-the-art AES encryption method.

The Autotext text insertion has also been accelerated up to 400%.

Smart Search

PhraseExpress is not only a text snippets organizer program, but it can also do other useful tasks with the powerful macro language.

One sample application is the Smart Search: Just highlight any text in any application and hit the hotkey CTRL-F8 to search the selected term in a customizable selection of websites.

Advanced Autotext options

New Autotext options have been added to PhraseExpress:

  • The delimiter following an Autotext can now be suppressed by PhraseExpress.
  • Prelimiters and Delimiters can now be customized separately for each phrase. E.g the abbreviation 'pex' will be expanded to 'PhraseExpress', while 'pex.' is recognized separately as e.g. ''.


Restrict Autotext and Hotkeys to certain applications

The scope of Autotexts and Hotkeys of any phrase can now be restricted to certain programs or excluded from a customizable list of applications.

This enables Autotexts to trigger different phrases depending on the target application.

The scope of the Text Prediction feature can also be restricted to certain applications.

Autocomplete for individual words

The autocomplete feature - introduced in v5 - has been significantly improved. Additionally, it also offers to auto-complete single words rather than full sentences only.

Multi-language support

PhraseExpress supports Unicode for multi-language phrases and now also offers to switch the keyboard language layout automatically.

This enables multi-language users to use different language within a single phrase with correct display of the characters.

Automated Email creation

PhraseExpress can now compose an email including html text/bitmaps (Outlook only), file attachments as well as define cc: and bcc:. The body text length is now only limited by Outlook and PhraseExpress can be configured to send the email immediately without need of confirmation.

Runs from a USB memory device

PhraseExpress can now be used on a USB memory stick. If running from a USB stick, our new version stores all user and configuration data on the removable device only and leaves no traces on the host PC.

Additional new features

  • The Clipboard Cache can now optionally strip off unwanted text formatting and spaces.
  • Customizable hotkeys to open the PhraseExpress settings, to edit the last used phrase and to temporarily disable PhraseExpress:
  • New macros functions for advanced text processing.
  • New macro #calc for math calculations.
  • New #calendar macro for comfortable date selection and insertion into a phrase.
  • Improved #datetime macro can now output the week or day of the year.
  • New macro #msgbox for ouput of a dialog window and customizable buttons.
  • Phrases can be sorted alphabetically by their description or by their Autotexts.
  • Over-all improved user interface with 'fluid layout'. Only relevant options are displayed to minimize distraction.
  • Improved support for multiple monitors.
  • The auto-check for updates feature can now be customized (notifications only in case of important updates or optionally minor updates).

But wait, there is even more that changed since this version…