New features since PhraseExpress v5

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Text Prediction Feature

This unique new feature saves you from manually storing text snippets. Just install and launch PhraseExpress and the text suggestion feature will soon begin to offer to auto-complete phrases:

AutoLearn animation

You will be amazed by the accuracy of the suggestions. It also works perfectly hand-in-hand with the Autotext feature.

Clipboard Cache

The Clipboard Cache provides quick access to the Windows clipboard history:

Clipboard Cache animation

Last used phrases folder

PhraseExpress can store the last used phrases in a separate folder. This is useful if you e.g. have you to fill in similar web forms with the same input.

Network Cache

The PhraseExpress Network Edition now caches the network phrase file on your local computer while you are abroad. Once back on the network, PhraseExpress automatically switches back to the network phrase file.

Roaming profiles

Wherever you log on a networked computer, you always get your personal phrases as your phrases are now associated to your computer user name.

Access via internet

Remote users can now connect to the PhraseExpress Server via the internet. Password protection and encrypted data transmission ensures high data security. Proxy servers can also be configured.

Support for Terminal Server

PhraseExpress Network Edition can now also be used in TS/Citrix environments.

Additional Improvements

  • Support for Unicode.
  • Import of GhostTyperXML files
  • SHIFT-Click on the PhraseExpress task tray icon now opens the last used phrase for quick editing.
  • ALT-Click provide quick access to the settings.
  • Explorer integration to allow quickly adding programs to be launched with PhraseExpress.
  • Customizable paste method selection per phrase (more info).
  • New macro functions allow to embed external text and bitmap files into a phrase.
  • Configurable UDP ports for the automatic PhraseExpress Server search.
  • Granular phrase folder access right definitions based on individual user name, workgroups, user groups or domains.


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