New features in version 4

Support for formatted text and bitmaps

You can now save your email footer together with a signature or company logo.

Spelling correction

Thousands of English and German spelling correction items help to avoid most common typos.

All your existing MS Office AutoCorrect and Autotext entries can be imported and used in any application.

New Autotext features

  • An Autotext can be applied to multiple phrases and folders. In such cases a popup window with the corresponding selection appears next to your cursor.
  • You can now define multiple Autotexts to one phrase to allow different spellings.
  • Now, also phrase folders can have Autotexts.
  • Autotexts are now optionally recognized within a word, or at the beginning or end of a word.
  • Instead of automatically replacing an Autotext, PhraseExpress can offer the suitable phrase at first before insertion.

Private folders in the Network Edition

Users can now define any phrase folder as private. If marked private, only the individual user has access to the folder while all data is still centrally stored.


But wait, there is even more that changed since this version…