New features in version 3

Autotext for any application

The new PhraseExpress Autotext feature expands abbreviations and corrects typos while you type.

The major advantage compared to the similar MS Office AutoCorrect is the platform flexibility: No matter whether you are working with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, WordPerfect, InternetExplorer or FireFox - PhraseExpress provides all your common text phrases for you in any application.

PhraseExpress' Autotext is also more powerful: It supports the rich macro functionality (date/time stamp, variables) and can trigger nested phrases, etc.

New Macro functions

You can now call a phrase from another phrase (nested phrases). This enables you to use a common signature footer for multiple email templates, for example. If you need to change the footer you would not need to edit all phrases but only the single signature.

Multi user support

PhraseExpress now stores phrases and program settings separately for each user on a single computer. Alternatively, you can also define a common phrase for all users on a computer.

Significantly improved networking capabilities

The separate PhraseExpress Network Edition introduces the new PhraseExpress Server:

  • The PhraseExpress Server provides access to a central phrase file for all users in a network
  • The Client manager allows to configure read/write access rights indivdiually for each client installation
  • Client’s user interfaces can be centrally configured to minimize operating errors


But wait, there is even more that changed since this version…