New features in version 11

New phrase menu

The redesigned phrase menu now shows bitmaps and text formatting:

Phrase preview

The menu bar offers quick access to the search feature and additional settings.

Additional popup menu improvements:
  • Phrases can be sorted by usage frequency or date of last use (if using SQL server).
  • Phrase folders can be color-tagged for easier identification.
  • Menus can be resized by dragging them by any edge.

New context-aware options

Right-click any phrase to access new power functions:

Context menu for email addresses

In above example, the clipboard manager captured an email address and offers to send an email to that address or to open the associated web page.

If copying a file to the clipboard, other useful options are available at your fingertip:

Context menu for files

Clipboard Collections

Watch the video demo

Multiple snippets can be output in one single action:


This feature allows you to output a set of phrases with single mouse click:

Sample applications:

  • Copy several web page snippets into the Clipboard Manager and output them as a comma-separated keyword list.
  • Fill in Excel spreadsheet rows with copied items by using the TAB delimiter.
  • Fill spreadsheet columns by choosing ENTER as the delimiter.

Document Generator v2

Watch the video demo

The Document Generator can now save the generated document into a file:

Document Generator

  • Generated documents can be based on a MS Word .dot(x) template.
  • The Document Generator optionally writes the document as a .txt/.rtf/.doc(x) file.

Macro Recorder Support

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PhraseExpress seamlessly integrates with our new macro software "Mouse Recorder":

Mouse Recorder Screenshot

Mouse Recorder works like a tape recorder for your desktop and can record mouse movements, clicks and text input for infinite replay.

Automations can easily be used and triggered by PhraseExpress:
  1. Organize mouse recordings along with your phrases.
  2. Trigger macros by autotext, hotkey or the popup menu.
  3. Combine macro recordings with other PhraseExpress macro functions.

Additional information about the Mouse Recorder integration.

New form controls

Input forms have become even more powerful:

Watch the video demo

Form elements

New features:
  • Horizontal and vertical radio button groups
  • Slider for numeric input with custom min/max and default value.
  • Numeric input
  • Checkbox drop-down
  • Smart concatenation of multiple selections (e.g."BMW, Mercedes and Porsche") with customizable enumerators (comma, and/or).

Smart enumerations

Form elements can now be grouped to create automatically enumerated output.

Following example groups three checkboxes and a text input:

PhraseExpress analyses the user input and generates a smart enumeration including "and/or":

VW, Porsche and Tesla.

Advanced password protection

You can password-protect your phrase files with encryption for safe use of cloud services:

No more tedious password input required. Protecting your PhraseExpress phrase files has never been easier.

New macro functions

The new {#CHECK …} macro functions compares values with multiple text strings and numbers:

Check macro function

Additional macro enhancements:
  • The macro function {#RANDOMTEXT …} inserts a random snippet of a selection of predefined phrases.
  • Macro function {#BALLOON …} can now perform an action if the notification is clicked.
  • {#EXTRACTXML …} can now extract entire XML file segments.

SQL Client Manager improvements

  • Any user can be elevated to a "master user" with general read/access rights to all phrases independent from any access restrictions.
  • The client program settings of the master user can be applied to all or a selection of client installations to allow central client configurations.
  • A new search feature in the SQL Client Manager helps to find specific users in large installations.

But wait, there is even more that changed since this version…