New features in version 10

Support for the new Android App

PhraseExpress goes cross-platform and is available as an App for Android, your Text Expander for SmartPhones and Tablets:

  • Medical Doctors can speed up documentation when visiting their patients with a tablet.
  • Customer support specialists can reply to customer inquiries on their smart phone wherever they are.
  • Support for more than 30 PhraseExpress macro functions allows you to automate your Tablet and SmartPhone.
  • Google Drive sync support keeps all your phrases, stored on the Android device, in sync with your Windows installation.

QuickFind in popup menus

This new QuickFind feature alone will revolutionize the way how you use PhraseExpress. Promised!

Trigger a popup and type a few characters of a phrase you need, …Boom, there it is:

Popup Search

  • Matching phrases appear at your finger tip.
  • No need to memorize shortcuts or hotkeys anymore.
  • No more digging through phrase folders structures.

Microsoft SQL Server Support

PhraseExpress now supports Microsoft SQL servers for company-wide access to your template databases.

The installation wizard makes setting up your SQL database as easy as "1-2-3".

PhraseExpress loads multiple databases from several Firebird and Microsoft SQL servers and locally stored phrase files simultaneously.

The Client Manager includes features for easy client deployment in large network environments.

The new user administration supports ActiveDirectory for easy SQL access configuration.

E-Mail notifications keep the administrator up-to-date about the database health status.

Version History

The new PhraseExpress Enterprise Edition keeps track of any change including the editor's name:

Version history

Any phrase can be instantly restored to any earlier version.

The preview shows changes of the phrases in real-time while scrolling through the version history. It's like a time machine for your phrases.

Outlook Add-In

The new Outlook Add-In integrates the PhraseExpress Enterprise Edition with Microsoft Outlook:

Autocomplete salutation

Make sure to add our sample Outlook Add-In phrases if you try this feature.

No more searching for the right phrase. PhraseExpress analyzes the email subject and body to filter on-topics phrases:

Context-aware phrases


  • No more embarrassing situations by misspelled names.
  • Personal email intros that are on topic ("Thank you for your interest in [product name is dynamically added]").
  • High accuracy by matching the first name against a large built-in database.
  • Gender detection based on the first name ("Mr./Ms.").
  • Works with German, too ("Sehr geehrter Herr Meier" / "Sehr geehrte Frau Kuhn")
  • Save time by phrase suggestions that match to the actual email context.

New Formatted Text Engine

PhraseExpress macro functions now also work in formatted phrases.

Macro functions are displayed in short form to increase readability:

Macro functions can be shorten

WYSIWYG Input Forms

Create beautiful interactive WYSIWYG forms for data entry:

Form Output

Forms can include input fields, dropdown menus, calendar date picker and checkboxes.

All input controls are easily arranged in your WYSIWYG form as you know it from graphics editors.

Validation of manual input

PhraseExpress now optionally validates user input to prevent syntax errors:

Users can't make syntax errors

User input can be validated against email address format, URLs, text or numbers only or file paths.

Enhanced Data Import

The batch import feature now imports entire file directories containing multiple text and bitmap files:

Import directory structures

Drag a file folder into PhraseExpress to recreate the file directory structure in your phrase library and import all files.

Import options can be specified for each file and file type:

Import options

Improved CSV/Excel Import

PhraseExpress now imports Microsoft Excel-, CSV-files. Each column can be associated to either phrase contents, description, autotext, or hotkey:

CSV import columns

PhraseExpress even generates a multi-level phrase folder structures based on XLS/CSV columns:

folder structure import

In this example, PhraseExpress generated the phrase folder structure based on the first two columns of the Microsoft XLS source file.

Document Generator

The new Enterprise Edition includes a powerful Document Generator to create complete documents with just a few mouse clicks:

Document Generator

You can preview the resulting document at any time. PhraseExpress can save the rendered document directly into a file with a automatically generated file name.

Templates can be created for quick re-use. Such templates can be nested and reused for new documents.

If trying Document Generator, make sure to also add our sample phrases.

New Popup Menu Engine

The popup menu engine has been completely rewritten:

  • Up to 10x faster display performance.
  • The optimized display saves valuable desktop real-estate.
  • You can now use the scroll-wheel to browse the popup menu.

New Text Output Engine

In earlier versions, each linked phrase and each macro function has been inserted step-by-step. The new output engine now pre-renders linked phrases and macro functions internally and paste the result in one single shot, almost lag-free.


Color Highlighting

Find phrases easier by tagging them with colors:

Color tagged phrases


Easier creation of new phrases

You can now save new phrases directly into a folder of your choice:

Specify target folder

The new folder selection dialog with its search function makes it easy to define the desired destination:

Just start typing the beginning of the folder name and the tree narrows down to items that matches your input.

This new folder selection dialog is now available everywhere where you can select a target folder/phrase.

Simplified Licensing

Starting with PhraseExpress v10, we offer maintenance terms instead of versioned licenses.

You will now get all updates, upgrades and major new versions without any additional cost during your maintenance term.

Everything is included during the selected maintenance term of 1, 3 or 5 years. If you choose the 3 years license, you will get new versions including major new versions, such as v11 at no extra cost.

Your license never expires. Even if you don't renew the maintenance, you can still install and use the latest version you have downloaded during your maintenance term.

The new licensing is no subscription or rent! You are not tied to any recurring fees and you are owner of the license at all times. Licenses do not expire.

But wait, there is even more that changed since this version…