Detailed Feature List

Overview of available features of PhraseExpress for Windows.

Phrase Organizer Functions

Client-/Server Architecture

  • Microsoft/Firebird v2 SQL server and Citrix/TerminalServer support.
  • The free Client Manager manages users, client installations and licenses.
  • Centralized client configuration.
  • Read-/Write access to each phrase folder can be defined based on user name, workgroup, user group or domain.
  • User management with ActiveDirectory support.
  • Simultaneous connections to multiple servers and phrase files.
  • Server status e-mail notifications.
  • Local data caching on network connection interruption (if using PhraseExpress Server).
  • Accumulated clients usage statistics.

Multi-Platform Support

Dynamic Phrase Contents

Static phrases can be enhanced with dynamic content:

  • Manual text input
    • Text input entered once can be re-used in multiple places within the phrase.
    • Manual input can be syntax checked (email, URL, numbers, letters, etc.).
  • Input Forms
    • Custom input forms collect user input and insert the input into placeholders within the text snippet.
    • Forms can include labels, manual text input, checkboxes, radio button groups and drop-downs.
  • Date-/time stamp
    • Customizable format (e.g. "10/12/14", "Nov 12", "Monday", "23:34", "11:34pm", etc.) (Video demo).
    • Date/time math (add or subtract years, months, days, workdays Mo-Fr or Mo-Sa, hours, minutes, seconds from current date and time or any given date).
    • Time can be rounded to quarter/half hours.
    • Date picker with a calendar dialog window.
    • Calculation of the current Calendar Week or Day of the Year.
  • Windows clipboard or clipboard history contents.
  • Random number generator.
  • Random phrase selection.
  • External data:


The autocomplete feature recognizes repetitive phrases in your normal text input and offers you to save such frequently used phrases to your phrase library:

  • Auto-completion of single words or full sentences.
  • Continuous optimization of the text suggestions based on user habits.
  • Existing MS Word documents, or sent MS Outlook Emails can be analyzed to train the text suggestion feature.

Autotext features

  • The same Autotext abbreviation can be re-used for multiple phrases. In such case, a multiple choice menu allows you to select the desired phrase.
  • Autotexts can be automatically expanded or offered in a popup menu for optional insertion.
  • Smart detection of unwanted text replacements.
  • Text case can optionally adapt to autotext letter case.

Spelling Correction features

The text replacement feature can also be used to replace typos with the correct spelling.

  • Spelling corrections in different languages available.
  • Auto-learning of personal spelling mistakes (Video demo).
  • Smart spelling correction at the beginning of a word, within a word or at the word ending.

Clipboard Manager

The Clipboard Manager keeps the history of previous Windows clipboard entries for quick access.

  • Optionally strips text formatting when inserting clipboard contents.
  • Contents can be inserted with or without text formatting on a case-by-case basis.
  • Clipboard entries can easily be integrated into your text snippets collection.
  • The Clipboard Manager can be restricted to certain programs.
  • Optional password protection.

Windows Automation

Macro functions helps to automate repetitive tasks:

Editing Features

Phrase contents can be edited with powerful editing features:

  • Phrases can be sorted alphabetically, text length or usage-wise.
  • Advanced input editor for nested macro functions.
  • Syntax highlighting and clickable macro functions.
  • Settings can be applied to multiple selected text snippets in one go.
  • QuickSearch function. Results can be displayed within the phrase tree structure or in a flat list.
  • Multi-line Search & Replace feature.
  • Duplicate finder.
  • Bulk editing features.

Additional Features

  • Import of Mac TextExpander 4/5 text snippets and then bi-directional synchronization.
  • RapidType Engine™ prevents swallowing of characters during fast text input.
  • Measurement of user's actual typing speed and usage statistics.

Portable Edition

  • Automatic detection if PhraseExpress runs from a USB memory device.
  • No data is stored on the guest computer in portable mode.

Sharing Phrases

  • Multiple users can access and share a common phrase file.
  • The synchronization feature syncs and merges changes by multiple users into the common phrase file.
  • Access to phrases folders can be restricted for individual user names, workgroups or domains.
  • PhraseExpress keeps a history of changes with a a rolling backup of the last 99 versions of the shared phrase file including editor name.
  • Phrase files stored on a network drive and license keys are cached if the network is temporily disconnected.

Data Import

  • Import of MS Office AutoCorrect and Autotext entries.
  • Import of CSV files and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with advanced import wizard.
  • Analysis of MS Word documents, plain text files and sent Outlook Emails to train the text suggestion feature.
  • MS Word documents and plain text files can be read line-by-line and thus used to create separate text phrases (Video demo).
  • External plain text and bitmap files can be dynamically linked into text snippets.
  • External MS Word documents can be dynamically linked into text snippets.
  • Data import from XML files, AutoHotkey, TextExpander and many others.


  • Step-by-step wizards.
  • Drag & Drop support throughout the user interface.
  • Automatically user interface font size adaption to the Windows settings to improve readibility for handicapped persons.
  • Quick access to the last used phrases by a customizable hotkey.
  • Optional removal of critical user interface commands to prevent operating errors and to minimize user training efforts.
  • No third-party components such as .NET or JAVA required.

Data Security

  • "End-to-end" phrase file AES encryption.
  • Optional phrase file password protection.
  • PhraseExpress related program and installation files are digitally signed, assuring program integrity.
  • Network communication to the PhraseExpress Server is AES encrypted.