Detailed Feature List

Here you can find an excerpt of available PhraseExpress features. Links will transfer you to the corresponding manual sections.

Multi-Platform support

Phrase Organizer functions

  • Text snippets can be organized into a customizable multi-level folder structure.
  • Phrases can be inserted system-wide in any Windows application such as MS Office, Lotus Notes, SAP, Thunderbird, database frontends, Skype, MSN, ICQ, Opera, Firefox, InternetExplorer, etc.
  • Phrases can be inserted by…
  • The QuickSearch feature find your phrases as you type. NEW
  • Text snippets can include HTML- and RTF- text formatting and contain bitmap images (.JPG, .PNG., .BMP und .TIFF).
  • Text snippets can include native Microsoft Word text formatting, native Word macro functions and embedded Excel spreadsheets.
  • Phrases can be inserted with or without formatting on a case-by-case basis.
  • Unicode support ensures compatibility with e.g. for Asian language character sets.
  • Phrases can be restricted to specific programs.
  • Phrases can be restricted to individual users, workgroups or domains.
  • Phrases can be linked and nested to create text templates for re-use in multiple other phrases (Video demo).

Popup menu features

Phrases can be selected from a popup menu that offers unique features:

  • Unique custom popup engine assures extremely fast display performance, even with thousands of items. NEW
  • The phrase preview displays phrase including dynmic contents in real-time. NEW
  • Color-tagging for individual items. NEW
  • Phrases can be pasted with or without text formatting on a case-by-case basis.
  • The popup menu auto-filters items corresponding to the program you are currently working.
  • Any phrase folder can be permanently pinned on the desktop as a floating menu.
  • The popup menu can be displayed next to the mouse or about/below the input cursor.
  • The appearance can be customized in size, color and text formatting.

Dynamic phrase contents

Phrase contents can be enhanced with dynamically generated content:

  • Additional manual text input can be added to static phrases:
    • Text input fields can be pre-filled with customizable default content. This default content itself can be another phrase or dynamic data, such as the current or past date with customizable date shift.
    • Text input entered once can be re-used in multiple places within the phrase.
    • Manual input can be checked against various syntax formats (email, URL, numbers, letters, etc.) NEW
  • Input Forms
    • Custom input forms collect multiple user input and inserts the input into placeholders within the text snippet.
    • NEW WYSIWIG forms
    • Forms may include labels, manual text input, checkboxes and drop-down selections.
    • Input can be reused in multiple locations of the phrase.
  • Date-/time stamp
    • Customizable time or date output format (e.g. "10/12/14", "Nov 12", "Monday", "23:34", "11:34pm", etc.) (Video demo).
    • Date/time math (add or subtract years, months, days, workdays Mo-Fr or Mo-Sa, hours, minutes, seconds from current date and time or any given date).
    • Time can be rounded to quarter/half hours.
    • Date picker with a calendar dialog window.
    • Calculation of the current Calendar Week or Day of the Year.
  • Phrase insertion including file attachments for automated email replies NEW
  • Unlimited number of counter variables with customizable start value and incrementor/decrementor
  • Windows environment variables
  • ActiveDirectory LDAP variables
  • Random number generator (which can also be used to trigger a random phrase).
  • External text files and bitmaps can be either embedded into the locally phrase data file or dynamically linked either online or offline from your hard disk.
  • The current Windows clipboard contents can be pasted into any position of a static phrase.
  • Embedded text, bitmap or Microsoft Excel files NEW

Auto-Complete features

The text suggestion feature analyze your daily text input to offer completing any repetitive phrases which saves you from creating phrases manually:

  • Optional auto-completion of single words, parts of a sentence or full sentences.
  • Continuous optimization of the text suggestions based on the user habits.
  • Existing MS Word documents, plain text files or sent MS Outlook Emails can be analyzed to train the text suggestion feature.
  • Language independent function and individual dictionary for each user.
  • Automatic exclusion of password input from the dictionary.

Text Replacement features

Spelling Correction features

The text replacement feature can also be used to replace typos with the correct spelling.

Clipboard Manager

The Clipboard Cache keeps the history of previous Windows clipboard entries for quick access.

  • Optionally strips text formatting when inserting clipboard contents.
  • Contents can be inserted with or without text formatting on a case-by-case basis.
  • Optional removal of leading and trailing spaces.
  • Clipboard entries can easily be integrated into your text snippets collection.
  • The Clipboard Manager can be restricted to certain programs.
  • Optional password protection.

Windows Automation

Phrases can include macro functions to automate repetitive tasks:

Text Snippets Editing features

The phrase contents can be edited with powerful batch editing features:

  • WYSIWIG editor ("what you see is what you get")
  • Phrases can be sorted alphabetically or text length-wise.
  • Advanced input editor for nested macro functions.
  • Syntax highlighting and clickable macro functions.
  • Settings can be applied to multiple selected text snippets in one go.
  • QuickSearch function. Results can be displayed within the phrase tree structure or in a flat list.
  • Multi-line Search & Replace function.
  • Duplicate and redundant Autotext finder.
  • Custom text can be added to the beginning or at the end of phrase contents in batch.
  • Text can be removed from the beginning or end of phrase contents in batch.
  • Automatic removal of leading/trailing spaces of phrase or Autotexts.
  • Automatic Autotext generation based on the phrase contents.

Additional features

  • Bi-directional synchronization of Mac TextExpander 4 text snippets.
  • RapidType Engine™ prevents swallowing of characters during fast text input.
  • Determination of actual user's typing speed.
  • The usage statistics can calculate the return-on-investment of PhraseExpress.
  • Calculation of mathematical expressions during normal text input.
  • Optional deactivation of the caps lock key to prevent accidental engagement.
  • Automatic check for software updates.
  • Configurable user interface:
    • Separate Expert Mode for advanced users.
    • Optional display of hotkey Autotext associations in the phrase selection popup menu.
    • Separator lines help to visually structure phrases.
    • Phrase folder can be excluded from being displayed in the popup menu.
  • Customizable phrase insertion method either via simulation of individual keystrokes or pasting using the Windows clipboard. PhraseExpress supports the paste methods VK packet, SendKey and WM_Char.
  • The text insertion method can be configured separately for individual target programs.
  • Optional Windows clipboard buffer to retrieve any previous clipboard contents when pasting phrases using the clipboard.

Support for USB devices

  • Automatic detection if PhraseExpress runs from a USB memory device.
  • In portable mode, PhraseExpress does not store any data on the guest computer. All data is solely kept on the USB stick.

Simultaneous Access to a shared phrase file

  • Multiple users can simultanesouly access the same phrase file.
  • The synchronization feature syncs and merges changes by multiple users into the common phrase file.
  • Access to phrases folders can be restricted for individual user names, workgroups or domains.
  • PhraseExpress keeps a history of changes with a a rolling backup of the last 99 versions of the shared phrase file including editor name.
  • Phrase files stored on a network drive and license keys are cached if the network is temporily disconnected.

SQL Server Support

  • NEW Support for Microsoft and Firebird SQL servers.
  • NEW Version history per phrase including editor name. Rollback to any previous phrase version with realtime-preview of changes.
  • NEW User management with ActiveDirectory support.
  • NEW E-Mail notifications in case of SQL database issues.
  • Different phrases can be edited simultaneously within the same database.
  • Minimized client PC memory requirements as phrase contents are loaded from he server on demand only.
  • No server license cost if using Firebird SQL Server (free open-source software).
  • Firebird SQL is multi-platform and compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Networking Support

  • Professional client-/server architecture with a central server service to share commonly used phrases in a network.
  • Write collision prevention if multiple users try to edit the phrase library simultaneously.
  • Users can have personal and common phrases. The Read-/Write access to each phrase folder can be defined based on the user name, workgroup, user group or domain based on the Windows Access Control List settings (ACL).
  • Roaming profiles assure that every user gets his personal phrases independent on whichever computer the user is logged on.
  • Phrase file and license caching if the network is temporarily unavailable.
  • Optional password protection for the connection to the PhraseExpress server.
  • Integrated central license management. No need to activate licenses on the local client installations.
  • Automatic server IP address detection with customizable TCP/UDP port configuration.
  • Centralized software update check for all client installations.
  • Optional accumulated usage statistics for all clients.
  • Support Citrix/TerminalServer.

External data import/embedding

  • Import of MS Office AutoCorrect and Autotext entries.
  • Import of CSV files and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with advanced import wizard. NEW
  • Analysis of MS Word documents, plain text files and sent Outlook Emails to train the text suggestion feature.
  • MS Word documents and plain text files can be read line-by-line and thus used to create separate text phrases (Video demo).
  • External plain text and bitmap files can be dynamically linked into text snippets.
  • External MS Word documents can be dynamically linked into text snippets.
  • Data import from XML files, AutoHotkey, TextExpander, Texter, GhostTyper, Shorthand, Shortkey, Breevy, InstantText, InstantType and Autotext Typing Assistant.
  • Import feature optionally filters duplicates.


  • Situation dependent assistents and step-by-step wizards.
  • Drag & Drop support all over the user interface.
  • Automatically user interface font size adaption to the Windows settings to improve readibility for handicapped persons.
  • Separate Easy- and Expert mode, which provides suitable options for Beginners vs. Experts.
  • "Liquid Design" only shows relevant options and adapts the amount of information depending on the current program window's size.
  • Automatic recognition of text formatting or URLs when storing a new phrase.
  • Windows Explorer context menu integration for quick access of PhraseExpress relevant features in the Explorer.
  • Many commands can be assigned to hotkeys for quick access.
  • Quick access to the last used phrases by a customizable hotkey.
  • Comfortable navigation through the phrase selection menu.
  • Optional removal of critical user interface commands to prevent operating errors and to minimize user training efforts.
  • Intelligent use of the secondary mouse button in PhraseExpress.
  • Extremly resource-friendly.
  • No third-party components such as .NET or JAVA required to avoid security implications and to minimize memory consumption.

Data Security

We invested major efforts and use industry-leading mechanisms to protect your personal data:

  • Password protected encryption for phrase files.
  • All PhraseExpress related program and installation files are digitally signed, assuring program integrity and the source of origin.
  • PhraseExpress can optionally verify the digital certificate for integrity on every startup.
  • The phrase file and all network communication to the PhraseExpress Server is AES encrypted.
  • The XML phrase file structure is automatically scanned for integrity.
  • PhraseExpress automatically keeps a history of 99 backup files of the last changes.
  • Customizable backup location. If multiple users share the same backup directory, PhraseExpress merges the backups and includes the names of editors.
  • The PhraseExpress client authorization can optionally be password protected.

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