Text Expander Freeware

We give away the PhraseExpress productivity boost free-of-charge to all personal users (definition).

PhraseExpress is a major application and a dedicated team of professional developers is working hard for more than 13 years to make it what you find today.

The development is financed by the user group who benefits most - Professional users.

PhraseExpress measures the time and money it can save for you:

Time savings

A text that may require you 30 seconds to enter is pasted within a second by PhraseExpress.

PhraseExpress easily pays off itself within a week.

Our freeware offering

Personal users can use PhraseExpress free-of-charge. If connecting to a PhraseExpress- or SQL server or using features dedicated to the Professional or Enterprise Edition, or if professional use is detected, license reminders will start appearing 30 days after first use. This method allows you to explore all features without obligation. No license reminder are shown if those features are not used or if the software is licensed.

We also offer a free Android App version.

What is considered "professional use"?

We consider professional use in following cases:

  • PhraseExpress is used for any activity which generates a financial benefit (salary, wages, commission, revenue, etc.). This includes educational and/or charity organizations if the actual user is being paid for the task.
  • If PhraseExpress is used on a computer which is connected to a professional network infrastructure such as domain controllers or use on a Windows Server OS.

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