Autotext in any Program

PhraseExpress can expand text abbreviations into words, sentences and phrases. When such abbreviation is typed, PhraseExpress finds the matching long word or phrase and enters it in the document for you:


PhraseExpress provides this functionality as known from MS Office for any Windows program. No matter whether you are working with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Thunderbird, InternetExplorer, Opera or FireFox - PhraseExpress works Everywhere.

Import from MS Office

You can import any existing Autotext and AutoCorrect entries created in MS Office into PhraseExpress. This allows you to use them in other programs or to transfer them to a new computer:

Synchronize with TextExpander for Mac

PhraseExpress can also import and sync your snippets created on the Mac with TextExpander for use on Windows.

Support for Text formatting and bitmaps

PhraseExpress can also store RTF, HTML and Microsoft Word (Professional Edition only) text formatting and bitmaps with your text snippets:

HTML Support

This allows you to give your Signatures a personal touch by adding your handwritten Signature to your Emails.

Intelligent Autotext Undo

The Autotext function significantly speeds up your typing. Sometimes however, you do not wish to have these abbreviations to be expanded automatically:

Unwanted Autotext recognition

PhraseExpress automatically recognizes such unwanted text replacement and suppresses them temporarily if you enter it again.

Re-use Autotexts for multiple phrases

Autotexts can be applied to multiple phrases. In such case a popup window with the corresponding selection appears right next to your cursor:

Multiple Autotext variations

You can also define multiple Autotext variations for the same phrase:
Multiple autotexts animation

This is useful if you do not want to remember the exact Autotext definition. Just define a few variations which makes sure that you get the correct phrase.

Optional Autotext

Instead of automatically replacing an Autotext, PhraseExpress can offer the suitable phrase at first before insertion:
Optional paste

This gives you the choice of either accepting the text replacement suggestion. Alternatively, you can simply ignore the suggestion and continue to type. The popup window will then disappear after a few characters.

Restrict Autotext and Hotkeys to certain applications

The scope of Autotexts and Hotkeys of any phrase can be restricted to certain programs or excluded from a customizable list of applications:

Restrict programs

Autotexts can trigger different phrases depending on the target application or to define programs where you do not want any text replacement.


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