Autotext in any Program

PhraseExpress can expand text abbreviations into words, sentences and phrases:


PhraseExpress provides this functionality - as known from MS Office - in any Windows program.

No matter whether you work in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Thunderbird, InternetExplorer, Opera or FireFox - PhraseExpress works everywhere.

Multiple Choice Autotext

Apply the same Autotext to multiple phrases to create a multiple choice Autotext:.

The popup window right next to the cursor allows you to pick the desired phrase.

Optional Autotext

Instead of automatically replacing an Autotext, PhraseExpress suggest a phrase:

You can either ignore the suggestion or accept it.

SmartComplete NEW

SmartComplete saves you from memorizing abbreviations.

Just start typing the beginning of a word or sentence and PhraseExpress offers matching phrases:

The popup narrows down as you type. You can even skip letters.

SmartCaps feature

PhraseExpress automatically adapts capitalization to your input:

Intelligent Autotext Undo

If you do not want a particular text replacement, just undo it:

PhraseExpress automatically recognize it temporarily suppresses the text replacement.


Restrict Autotext and Hotkeys to certain applications

The scope of Autotexts and Hotkeys of any phrase can be restricted to certain programs or excluded from a customizable list of applications:

Restrict programs

Autotexts can trigger different phrases depending on the target application or to define programs where you do not want any text replacement.

Synchronize with TextExpander for Mac

PhraseExpress can also import and sync your snippets created on the Mac with TextExpander for use on Windows.