AutoComplete repetitive words and phrases

PhraseExpress can autocomplete often used phrases as you type:


The accuracy of the suggestions will blow you away. Promised.

AutoComplete the smart way!

PhraseExpress automatically detects any text work you type in over and over again over the coarse of a day.

After a short training, it knows what you most likely want to type in and starts suggesting to offer the right phrase for auto-completion.

You don't need to manually configure PhraseExpress before you can use this feature. PhraseExpress intuitively figures out what you want to type next and displays most likely phrase continuations for quick selection in a mouse.

The list of choices narrows down as you continue typing.

Please don't mix up this text prediction feature with dull Auto-Complete functions that just use static dictionaries.

PhraseExpress adapts to your individual writing style and the context. It learns what you type, it learns which suggestions you like and which you don't.

If you dismiss suggestions, PhraseExpress will learn from that. If you pick a particular phrase often, PhraseExpress will recognize that and rank suggestions correspondingly.

You can train PhraseExpress with your existing text documents and Microsoft Outlook Emails for instant results. After a swift writing style bootcamp, PhraseExpress appears like it knows you for years.

While PhraseExpress can be used across any application, you can opt to disable it on applications of your choice. For example, you may want to disable it on your IM application while keeping it for Oulook.

The text prediction feature also works hand-in-hand with the Autotext and SmartComplete feature - Expanded abbreviations can trigger text suggestions and vice versa!

Auto-Complete Benefits

  • Auto-Completions is a great time saver and helps reduce errors in typing.
  • Very simple to use – No need for any configuration or manual phrase setup.
  • Supports multiple languages.

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