TextExpander snippets for Windows

PhraseExpress can import and synchronize text snippets with the popular Apple Mac utility TextExpander® for use on Windows computers:

Cross-platform Autotext functionality

PhraseExpress allows you to use the snippet collection you have created on your Mac also on a Windows PC.

TextExpander macro functions such as %snippet% to link and nest phrases, %fill% to add manual text input, keypress simulations and date/time stamps are properly converted into the PhraseExpress macro equivalents.

PhraseExpress also syncs RTF formatted text and auto-adapts its user interface to the feature set of TextExpander.

Synchronization in both directions

Beware of other Windows programs promising you "Text Expander compatibility" but only allow you to import Text Expander text snippets from Mac to Windows in one direction. Those programs may lock-in your data and do not allow you to export them from Windows back to the Mac platform! Whatever you edit or create on Windows won't be available on the Mac platform!

PhraseExpress works in both directions! It imports from TextExpander and also synchronizes back to the Mac. You can create new snippets on either platform and have them available on both platforms.

Cloud Synchronization

PhraseExpress has extended Cloud storage support, Just copy your TextExpander text snippets file to any local network shared folder or cloud sync folder and PhraseExpress will automatically offer you to integrate it in PhraseExpress for synchronization. PhraseExpress works fine with Dropbox, GoogleDrive or Microsoft SkyDrive.

...and SO much more!

PhraseExpress has come a long way since 2002 and offers unparalleled feature set, often imitated but never reached by others. It is available as a portable edition and Android App as well.


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'TextExpander is made by SmileSoftware and is not affiliated with PhraseExpress.