TextExpander Alternative

PhraseExpress is our best TextExpander alternative for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

TextExpander alternative

The phrase menu provides instant access to your text snippets:

Phrase menu of the TextExpander alternative


  • No subscription - You own a life-time license with a single purchase. No recurring charges.
  • No online dependency - PhraseExpress does not rely on a central phrase server. Everything can be organized and stored on your local devices.
  • No forced use of cloud services - You can keep your snippets on your own computers.
  • Syncs with Windows and iPhone/iPad - Save time on your desktop PC and your mobile devices.
  • No conflicting snippets - Abbreviations can be re-used for multiple phrases.
  • No Autotext memorization - Phrase suggestions show up as you as-you-type.
  • Full blown Windows client - All editing capabilities are available on Windows, too.

Notable Features

  • Multi-level phrase structure instead only flat groups.
  • Reusable autotexts to create multiple choice phrases.
  • The powerful macro functions really make a difference: Combine and nest macro functions to create incedibly useful automation procedures (multiple choice phrases, input forms, linking phrases, math calculations, string operations, conditional statements, loops, etc.).
  • Autotext settings can be configured individually for each phrase.
  • TextExpander text snippets incl. a selection of macro functions can be imported.
  • The SmartComplete feature saves you from memorizing abbreviations.
  • Touchbar support for latest Macbook Pro models.
  • Windows , iOS and Android versions available, too

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