TextExpander Alternative

PhraseExpress is our best TextExpander alternative for macOS, Windows and iOS.

TextExpander alternative

The phrase menu provides instant access to your text snippets:

Phrase menu of the TextExpander alternative


Phrases can optionally be suggested as you type:


This smart menu narrows down matching items as you type and saves you from memorizing cryptic shortcuts.

Advanced Form Feature

Customize boilerplate templates with additional input:

Form feature

PhraseExpress does so much more than just inserting user input into a snippet:

  • Automatic gender adaption
  • Enumerated check box items (including conjunction)
  • Calculations based on user input

Powerful Macro Functions

Macros can accomplish powerful tasks:

  • Phrases depending on date or time (e.g. seasonal greetings).
  • Calculations or phrase output based on user input.
  • Juice up canned responses with random variations.
  • Conditional statements to analyze text input

Check out our video blog for ideas or the macro documentation to learn more.

Why choose PhraseExpress:

  • No subscription - No need to register, login and logout to any account.
  • No recurring charges - You own a life-time license with a single purchase. Period.
  • No online dependency - PhraseExpress does not rely on a central phrase server. Everything can be organized and stored on your local devices.
  • No forced use of cloud services - Your snippets are stored on your computer.
  • No conflicting autotext - Abbreviations can be re-used for multiple phrases.
  • No Autotext memorization - Autocomplete suggestions show up as-you-type.
  • Multi-platform - PhraseExpress is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
  • Failproof - Instantly restore earlier phrase file versions.
  • Flexibility - Autotext settings can be configured separately for each individual phrase.

PhraseExpress can import TextExpander snippets - Give it a try!

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'TextExpander' is a trade mark of SmileOnMyMac, LLC and is not affiliated with Bartels Media Gmbh. PhraseExpress has a different feature set than TextExpander and neither product contains all features of the other product.