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Kaspersky Lab helps more than 300 million users world-wide with Endpoint-security solutions. This lead to many user questions which have to be answered every day.

Kaspersky Lab uses PhraseExpress to easily create and quickly deliver tutorials and solutions to their customers.

The workflow has been siginificantly improved with PhraseExpress. The mix of pre-defined templates and individual extensions allows Kaspersky to answer customer inquiries even faster.


We are using PhraseExpress for a long time to help customers exponentially faster.



PhraseExpress enables our technical support team to handle a large volumes of customer inquiries thoroughly and with a constant quality. Its client-/server architecture is a great help to distribute text templates in the team. Thumbs up!

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E-mail addresses, weblinks and lots of programming code all just under one shortcut key makes Phrase Express brilliant! I love the macro function that for example enables me to start a SSH session, login, run UNIX commands and close the session all automatically. – Gosling C.


Firstly, thank you for developing a very powerful, user-friendly utility in PhraseExpress. Having used PhraseExpress extensively to reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), I know first-hand how your ergonomic application also facilitates increased productivity.

Thanks again for developing this notable ergonomic, organizational and productivity utility! - Randy Tyler, Online Volunteer Program Developer


I spent a few minutes searching Google for a software program that would allow me to save text snippets as soon as I read them. Portions of email, web pages, PDF files and any other interesting document should be highlighted, copied to the clipboard and pasted into a central database.

After looking at the results, it dawned on me that I already have such a program. It’s called PhraseExpress.

PhraseExpress: Trés Cool! - Mitchell Allen , morphodesign.com


PhraseExpress saves me an enormous amount of time answering "new user" emails at the website Tech Support Guy with stock replies for certain common problems, functions and qestions. I am also the volunteer co-ordinator for a therapeutic horseback riding program for handicapped children, and I use it to send stock emails out to volunteers and contacts.

My time is much more efficient on the Internet now. - Laura Martlock, TheManeStreet.com


Love the software. PhraseExpress will help lawyers a great deal. More attorneys are creating their own typed documents and content.

This will make your typing job much easier. I like the simplicity and ease of use. - Rick G., FutureLawyer.com


I love software like this, Its quick, transparent and works for me.

German Engineering at its best :) - Spencer Bentley, Bentleyrc.com


I love your application. Thank you for a great little tool! - Darcy , Salty Brine Software