PhraseExpress for Mac

PhraseExpress for Mac is a powerful Text Expander and text snippet manager:

TextExpander alternative

The phrase menu provides instant access to your text snippets:

Phrase menu of the TextExpander alternative

Additional screenshots


  • Life-time license - No subscription and no recurring charges.
  • No forced use of cloud services - You can keep your snippets on your own computers.
  • Syncs with Windows and iPhone/iPad - Save time on your desktop PC and your mobile devices.
  • No conflicting snippets - Abbreviations can be re-used for multiple phrases.
  • No search hotkey required - Suggestions show up as-you-type.

Notable Features

  • Multi-level phrase structure instead only flat groups
  • Reusable autotexts to create multiple choice phrases (no "conflicting autotext").
  • PhraseExpress macro functions really make a difference. Those can be combined and nested to perform powerful tasks (multiple choice phrases, input forms, linking phrases, math calculations, string operations, conditional statements, loops, etc.).
  • Advanced autotext settings can be configured individually for each phrase.
  • Import of text snippets from TextExpander incl. a selection of macro functions.
  • Powerful SmartComplete feature saves you from memorizing abbreviations.
  • ForceTouch and Touchbar support
  • Available for Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android devices.

Freeware App

The PhraseExpress for Mac Freeware version is free for personal use and can store up to up to 10 phrases. Other product editions with additional features are available in the shop section.


Download PhraseExpress for Mac

  • Don't miss the important installation notes!
  • Compatible with Apple Mac OS 10.10 ("Yosemite") or later.
  • English/German version (changelog)
  • Features and specifications provided on other web pages of the PhraseExpress website refer to the Windows edition, unless otherwise specified.