Version history

Here you can find a list of changes, bug fixes and improvements of all PhraseExpress versions. Important and strongly recommended updates are marked as such.

PhraseExpress Client

Date Version Changes



  • Fixed SQL database refresh issue if a phrase was blocked.
  • Improved update check



  • Popup menus with many phrases of a SQL database are now shown much quicker if phrase preview is enabled.
  • The client could not load a SQL phrase database in rare startup situations.



  • NEW New macro function {#contents} task tray icoo show phrase contents in phrase descriptions in the popup menu (seful for quite specific purposes only).
  • Pressing "Cancel" in message dialogs now aborts phrase execution entirely.
  • ENTER and TAB and Autotext detection is not blocked anymore after CTRL-Click in the phrase menu.
  • Improve form appearance if using high DPI monitors.



  • NEW Support for the macro recorder program Mouse Recorder (beta).
  • Support for special characters for phrases stored in a SQL data base.

If you use PhraseExpress with a SQL server, you would need to update all clients and the SQL Client Manager.



  • Solved issue if pasting RTF formatted phrases into Microsoft Word.



  • NEW Program file command-line parameter -license="YourLicenseKey"
  • to allow to automate license key registration on stand-alone installations (if not using a server).



  • NEW Macro function {#COND…} now also supports date comparisons.
  • NEW New option "Rename" in the phrase tree context menu.
  • NEW Confirmation dialog if cancelling an edit in the main program window
  • Solved rare text encoding issues in MS SQL databases.
  • PhraseExpress sometimes stuck in rare situations if using temporary variables.



  • NEW Progress bar for bulk phrase move/copy operations.
  • Improved support for linked/nested forms.
  • Solved issue with locked WIN-key.



  • NEW Added -exec parameter to macro functions {#INSERTCLIPBOARD} and {#OLMAILDATA …} macro functions to prevent parsing macros contained in emails and clipboard.
  • Fixed {#CALC …} macro thousand-separator issue.
  • Improved pasting of linked phrases into Microsoft Office.
  • Clipboard manager floating menu doesn't take focus if new contents is copied to the clipboard anymore.
  • Fixed issue when deleting HTML phrases.



  • NEW Synchronization with PhraseExpress Android App.
  • NEW Improved and simplified menu to create new or to open existing phrase files.
  • Permissions could not be set in rare situations.
  • Solved escaped ("\\\") chars issue.
  • Added support for meeting request messages in the Outlook Add-In.
  • Fixed issues with Unicode content in window titles.
  • Prevent crashes if the clipboard contains unsupported contents.
  • Solved RTF formatting issue.



  • The text output and macro processing engine has been significantly enhanced since v10.0.35. Please test for compatibility with your macro functions before using in your production environment!
  • NEW Drastically improved phrase insertion performance. Linked phrases are now combined in an internal buffer before inserted into the target application.
  • NEW Improved clipboard handling if phrases are pasted via clipboard while the phrases perform complex clipboard operations.
  • NEW New macro functions {#SETTEMP …} and {#GETTEMP …} to create and output temporary variables.
  • NEW Added export option for PhraseExpress Android App.
  • NEW The Editor now offers rulers and customizable tab stops in formatted phrases.
  • NEW If macro hightlighting is disabled, the macro function placeholders now represent the editable text output formatting of the macro output.
  • NEW Enhanced table editing features.
  • NEW Tables can now be nested with other cells or tables in formatted phrases.
  • NEW The {#URL …} macro function now allows you to select a specific browser to open a web site.
  • NEW Tray icon now indicates if PhraseExpress is executing a phrase or if it blocked from applications.
  • The option "Route ENTER and TAB through PhraseExpress" is now disabled by default and can be configured in the expert options.
  • Improved handling of HTML-formatted phrases.
  • Improved display of tables.
  • Improved text insertion and clipboard handling.
  • Phrase output can be cancellede with the hotkey ESC.
  • Phrase file synchronization improved.
  • Input buffer is now resetted after {#CURSOR} macro function.
  • Fixed Search & Replace feature.
  • The Outlook AddIn temporarily blocked Outlook in rare occasions.
  • Improved of the WIN-key as a hotkey.
  • The sorting order is now preserved when duplicating phrase folders.
  • Solved bug if round brackets are used in math expressions in the {#CALC …} macro function.
  • Solved display problem of linebreaks in the phrase input window.



  • NEW Customizable delay for simulation of special key presses.
  • NEW You can now also enter Microsoft SQL database alias paths in the client.
  • QuickSearch now preselects the first found item
  • The task tray icon turns into green exclamation mark if loading at least one phrase file from the PhraseExpress Server.
  • Form input fields can now checkde for syntax.
  • Floating menus do not grab application focus too earlier anymore.
  • Improved unwanted Autotext detection.
  • Special phrase folders are now read-only to prevent accidental editing.
  • Improved removal of text formatting.
  • Resolved non-critical bug if using password on the PhraseExpress Server.



  • NEW Detection and warning about 3rd party programs with known incompatibility issues.
  • Notifications about admin-elevated applications are only displayed if trying to paste a phrase in those applications. Clicking the tray icon bubble offers to disable the notification.
  • Solved popup menu sort issues.
  • You can now also use letters (A-Z) in the macro function {#extractcell …} to address cells of a spread sheet (e.g. "D4").



  • NEW New feature "SmartComplete" which can be enabled by launching PhraseExpress in beta mode via the command-line parameter -beta.

    SmartComplete Video Demo
  • Improved email and URL input syntax validation.
  • Popup menus are shown regardless of their hidden setting if the popup menus are directly triggered by their Autotext or hotkey.
  • Solved issues if SHIFT is used as a confirmation key.



  • NEW You can now jump back and forth between selected phrases in the main program window.
  • Fixed Autocaps feature malfunction.
  • Fixed special functions malfunction (such as "Calc as you type").



  • NEW Easier context menu access in the phrase popup. Useful for Tablet PC users.
  • NEW Several search funcitons now remember last used queries. Unwanted items can be removed with the Del-key.
  • NEW If creating a new phrase you can now quick-select your favorite target phrase folders.
  • NEW PhraseExpress now notifies about applications running in elevated mode.
  • NEW If you copy a file to the clipboard, the clipboard cache now saves the file path for later reuse.
  • NEW You can now use the left or rightSHIFT- or CTRL-key to confirm a phrase selection in the popup menu.
  • Improved debug mode performance. Logs are now cached in main memory instead being written to disk.
  • Approach to solve isues with large RTF phrases.
  • Solved issues with linked RTF phrases.
  • The first carriage return of unformatted phrases is not removed anymore.
  • Backup file path may now include Windows environment variables.
  • Solved issues with the #loop, #cond and #calc macro function.
  • #pos macro function is now case-sensitive.
  • Comments are not output anymore in linked phrases.
  • Phrase file import from PhraseExpress v7 improved.
  • Autocaps feature must now be enabled explicitly under Expert Options » Miscellaneous (Screenshot).



  • NEW Support for high DPI settings (useful for high-resolution displays).
  • NEW New high-resolution Office 2013 style icon set.
  • Solved compatibility license authorization issue with certain SQL servers.
  • Solved user interface display issues (e.g. missing phrase edit area or CSV/Excel import).
  • The Outlook Add-In could not detect the suitable greeting because of a missing important file. If you use the Add-In, please repeat its installation.
  • If you use SQL databases, you also must update the SQL Client Manager.



  • Fixed conversion of RTF formatted phrases of previous PhraseExpress versions into SQL databases.
  • Solved phrase file transfer issues between client and PhraseExpress Server.
  • Solved rare license key registration issues with local PhraseExpress installations.
  • Solved registration issues with offline license keys.
  • Solved minor issues of the phrase search feature in the PhraseExpress main program window.
  • Quickkeys have accidentally been assigned to separators.
  • The debug log is now recorded in memory and saved to file when shutting down PhraseExpress to improve performance.
  • If settings are reverted by pressing CTRL- and ALT-keys while launching PhraseExpress, the configuration file config.xml is now renamed and not deleted.



  • Case insensistive names for access settings in SQL databases
  • Unicode and Umlaute-Support in input validation of the #insert macro function.
  • Improved Synchronization of TextExpander text snippets.
  • Solved import issue if a CSV file contains more columns than rows.
  • Approach to solve issues with the cursor position detection.
  • Improved quick keys display in the popup menu.
  • Improved selection of submenu items in the phrase popup menu.
  • Improved popup menu display in certain configurations.



  • PhraseExpress v10 release

PhraseExpress Server

Date Version Changes



  • Solved registration issues with offline license keys



  • PhraseExpress v10 release

PhraseExpress Client Manager

Date Version Changes



  • Solved (de)/registration issues with offline license keys



  • PhraseExpress v10 release

PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager

Date Version Changes



  • Proxy server setting is not automatically set to port 80 anymore.



  • Solved issue with the database scheme update if using a Firebird SQL server. You don't need to update if using a Microsoft SQL server.
  • Improved fallback if phrase database is missing.



  • NEW Auto-database scheme updater.

  • Requires client update to min. v10.5.33.



  • NEW Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • You can now optionally enter users directly in the user management tab instead of scanning the whole Microsoft ActiveDirectory.



  • Solved compatibility license authorization issue with certain SQL servers.
  • This pre-release requires the experimental v10.1.0 client and is available directly from us only at this time.



  • Solved (de)/registration issues with offline license keys



  • PhraseExpress v10 release