Version history

Here you can find a list of changes, bug fixes and improvements of all PhraseExpress versions. Important and strongly recommended updates are marked as such.

PhraseExpress Client

Date Version Changes


10.5.39 Pre

The client could not load a SQL phrase database in rare startup situations.



  • NEW New macro function {#contents} task tray icoo show phrase contents in phrase descriptions in the popup menu (seful for quite specific purposes only).
  • Pressing "Cancel" in message dialogs now aborts phrase execution entirely.
  • ENTER and TAB and Autotext detection is not blocked anymore after CTRL-Click in the phrase menu.
  • Improve form appearance if using high DPI monitors.



  • NEW Support for the macro recorder program Mouse Recorder (beta).
  • Support for special characters for phrases stored in a SQL data base.

If you use PhraseExpress with a SQL server, you would need to update all clients and the SQL Client Manager.



  • Solved issue if pasting RTF formatted phrases into Microsoft Word.



  • NEW Program file command-line parameter -license="YourLicenseKey"
  • to allow to automate license key registration on stand-alone installations (if not using a server).



  • NEW Macro function {#COND…} now also supports date comparisons.
  • NEW New option "Rename" in the phrase tree context menu.
  • NEW Confirmation dialog if cancelling an edit in the main program window
  • Solved rare text encoding issues in MS SQL databases.
  • PhraseExpress sometimes stuck in rare situations if using temporary variables.



  • NEW Progress bar for bulk phrase move/copy operations.
  • Improved support for linked/nested forms.
  • Solved issue with locked WIN-key.



  • NEW Added -exec parameter to macro functions {#INSERTCLIPBOARD} and {#OLMAILDATA …} macro functions to prevent parsing macros contained in emails and clipboard.
  • Fixed {#CALC …} macro thousand-separator issue.
  • Improved pasting of linked phrases into Microsoft Office.
  • Clipboard manager floating menu doesn't take focus if new contents is copied to the clipboard anymore.
  • Fixed issue when deleting HTML phrases.



  • NEW Synchronization with PhraseExpress Android App.
  • NEW Improved and simplified menu to create new or to open existing phrase files.
  • Permissions could not be set in rare situations.
  • Solved escaped ("\\\") chars issue.
  • Added support for meeting request messages in the Outlook Add-In.
  • Fixed issues with Unicode content in window titles.
  • Prevent crashes if the clipboard contains unsupported contents.
  • Solved RTF formatting issue.



  • The text output and macro processing engine has been significantly enhanced since v10.0.35. Please test for compatibility with your macro functions before using in your production environment!
  • NEW Drastically improved phrase insertion performance. Linked phrases are now combined in an internal buffer before inserted into the target application.
  • NEW Improved clipboard handling if phrases are pasted via clipboard while the phrases perform complex clipboard operations.
  • NEW New macro functions {#SETTEMP …} and {#GETTEMP …} to create and output temporary variables.
  • NEW Added export option for PhraseExpress Android App.
  • NEW The Editor now offers rulers and customizable tab stops in formatted phrases.
  • NEW If macro hightlighting is disabled, the macro function placeholders now represent the editable text output formatting of the macro output.
  • NEW Enhanced table editing features.
  • NEW Tables can now be nested with other cells or tables in formatted phrases.
  • NEW The {#URL …} macro function now allows you to select a specific browser to open a web site.
  • NEW Tray icon now indicates if PhraseExpress is executing a phrase or if it blocked from applications.
  • The option "Route ENTER and TAB through PhraseExpress" is now disabled by default and can be configured in the expert options.
  • Improved handling of HTML-formatted phrases.
  • Improved display of tables.
  • Improved text insertion and clipboard handling.
  • Phrase output can be cancellede with the hotkey ESC.
  • Phrase file synchronization improved.
  • Input buffer is now resetted after {#CURSOR} macro function.
  • Fixed Search & Replace feature.
  • The Outlook AddIn temporarily blocked Outlook in rare occasions.
  • Improved of the WIN-key as a hotkey.
  • The sorting order is now preserved when duplicating phrase folders.
  • Solved bug if round brackets are used in math expressions in the {#CALC …} macro function.
  • Solved display problem of linebreaks in the phrase input window.



  • NEW Customizable delay for simulation of special key presses.
  • NEW You can now also enter Microsoft SQL database alias paths in the client.
  • QuickSearch now preselects the first found item
  • The task tray icon turns into green exclamation mark if loading at least one phrase file from the PhraseExpress Server.
  • Form input fields can now checkde for syntax.
  • Floating menus do not grab application focus too earlier anymore.
  • Improved unwanted Autotext detection.
  • Special phrase folders are now read-only to prevent accidental editing.
  • Improved removal of text formatting.
  • Resolved non-critical bug if using password on the PhraseExpress Server.



  • NEW Detection and warning about 3rd party programs with known incompatibility issues.
  • Notifications about admin-elevated applications are only displayed if trying to paste a phrase in those applications. Clicking the tray icon bubble offers to disable the notification.
  • Solved popup menu sort issues.
  • You can now also use letters (A-Z) in the macro function {#extractcell …} to address cells of a spread sheet (e.g. "D4").



  • NEW New feature "SmartComplete" which can be enabled by launching PhraseExpress in beta mode via the command-line parameter -beta.

    SmartComplete Video Demo
  • Improved email and URL input syntax validation.
  • Popup menus are shown regardless of their hidden setting if the popup menus are directly triggered by their Autotext or hotkey.
  • Solved issues if SHIFT is used as a confirmation key.



  • NEW You can now jump back and forth between selected phrases in the main program window.
  • Fixed Autocaps feature malfunction.
  • Fixed special functions malfunction (such as "Calc as you type").



  • NEW Easier context menu access in the phrase popup. Useful for Tablet PC users.
  • NEW Several search funcitons now remember last used queries. Unwanted items can be removed with the Del-key.
  • NEW If creating a new phrase you can now quick-select your favorite target phrase folders.
  • NEW PhraseExpress now notifies about applications running in elevated mode.
  • NEW If you copy a file to the clipboard, the clipboard cache now saves the file path for later reuse.
  • NEW You can now use the left or rightSHIFT- or CTRL-key to confirm a phrase selection in the popup menu.
  • Improved debug mode performance. Logs are now cached in main memory instead being written to disk.
  • Approach to solve isues with large RTF phrases.
  • Solved issues with linked RTF phrases.
  • The first carriage return of unformatted phrases is not removed anymore.
  • Backup file path may now include Windows environment variables.
  • Solved issues with the #loop, #cond and #calc macro function.
  • #pos macro function is now case-sensitive.
  • Comments are not output anymore in linked phrases.
  • Phrase file import from PhraseExpress v7 improved.
  • Autocaps feature must now be enabled explicitly under Expert Options » Miscellaneous (Screenshot).



  • NEW Support for high DPI settings (useful for high-resolution displays).
  • NEW New high-resolution Office 2013 style icon set.
  • Solved compatibility license authorization issue with certain SQL servers.
  • Solved user interface display issues (e.g. missing phrase edit area or CSV/Excel import).
  • The Outlook Add-In could not detect the suitable greeting because of a missing important file. If you use the Add-In, please repeat its installation.
  • If you use SQL databases, you also must update the SQL Client Manager.



  • Fixed conversion of RTF formatted phrases of previous PhraseExpress versions into SQL databases.
  • Solved phrase file transfer issues between client and PhraseExpress Server.
  • Solved rare license key registration issues with local PhraseExpress installations.
  • Solved registration issues with offline license keys.
  • Solved minor issues of the phrase search feature in the PhraseExpress main program window.
  • Quickkeys have accidentally been assigned to separators.
  • The debug log is now recorded in memory and saved to file when shutting down PhraseExpress to improve performance.
  • If settings are reverted by pressing CTRL- and ALT-keys while launching PhraseExpress, the configuration file config.xml is now renamed and not deleted.



  • Case insensistive names for access settings in SQL databases
  • Unicode and Umlaute-Support in input validation of the #insert macro function.
  • Improved Synchronization of TextExpander text snippets.
  • Solved import issue if a CSV file contains more columns than rows.
  • Approach to solve issues with the cursor position detection.
  • Improved quick keys display in the popup menu.
  • Improved selection of submenu items in the phrase popup menu.
  • Improved popup menu display in certain configurations.



  • PhraseExpress v10 release

PhraseExpress Server

Date Version Changes



  • Solved registration issues with offline license keys



  • PhraseExpress v10 release

PhraseExpress Client Manager

Date Version Changes



  • Solved (de)/registration issues with offline license keys



  • PhraseExpress v10 release

PhraseExpress SQL Client Manager

Date Version Changes



  • Proxy server setting is not automatically set to port 80 anymore.



  • Solved issue with the database scheme update if using a Firebird SQL server. You don't need to update if using a Microsoft SQL server.
  • Improved fallback if phrase database is missing.



  • NEW Auto-database scheme updater.
  • Requires cClient update to min. v10.5.33.



  • NEW Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • You can now optionally enter users directly in the user management tab instead of scanning the whole Microsoft ActiveDirectory.



  • Solved compatibility license authorization issue with certain SQL servers.
  • This pre-release requires the experimental v10.1.0 client and is available directly from us only at this time.



  • Solved (de)/registration issues with offline license keys



  • PhraseExpress v10 release