Text Expander Benefits

See the difference of performing the same typing job with and without PhraseExpress:

PhraseExpress in action

PhraseExpress can save hours of typing! It is a powerful solution for technical support, customer care, help desks, call centers and medical/legal transcription offices.

How PhraseExpress can help

  • Increases your productivity and save countless keystrokes with boilerplate templates.
  • Reply faster to emails with standard answer templates.
  • Access canned standard responses with a single keypress.
  • Save all your email signatures in PhraseExpress and insert the desired signature with ease.
  • Store all frequently used form content such as your address, email, phone and credit card numbers to your library!
  • Insert the current time or date into any application!
  • Launch programs by text abbreviations or hotkeys.
  • Type in abbreviations like (c) or phi and PhraseExpress converts it to the corresponding symbol © or φ, etc.
  • Insert phone numbers, addresses and email addresses into documents and emails accurately by just typing a pre-defined shortcut. Type "mike" and PhraseExpress will insert "mike@outlook.com" into your current document.