Text Expander for Android

No more tedious touch-typing!

  • Insert frequently used text into any App.
  • Expand abbreviations as you type.
  • Customize phrases with additional input.
  • Organize phrases in a multi-level folder structure.
  • Synchronize with Android devices and Windows PC.


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Descriptive Menus

No more cryptic abbreviations - Just breeze through descriptive snippet menus.


PhraseExpress can auto-completes long terms and sentences on demand.

Customizable Templates

Auto-generated forms can collect user input, that is processed and embedded into templates.

Cloud Synchronization

The Android App can sync with other Android devices and PhraseExpress for Windows.

Powerful Macros

Macro functions can link phrases, perform calculations, add manual input, insert time stamps and much more.

Freeware App

A freeware option for personal use allows to manage up to 10 phrases. One-time InApp purchase adds features. No subscription!

Get PhraseExpress for Android now