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First Aid

Yes, PhraseExpress can store both, images and tables in phrases.

Image files can easily be dragged into the phrase content and resized with the mouse.

Please check the following tips:

  • 3rd party "security" Apps and a selection of Android smartphones may have a feature to automatically remove background services for "security" reasons. Please refer to their documentation and whitelist in PhraseExpress the settings.
  • The battery optimization feature introduced on Android 6.0 may interfere with PhraseExpress. try fixing the issue by setting PhraseExpress not to be "battery optimized".
  • Depending on the device maker, the "battery saver" feature may disable accessibility service entirely.
To resolve unwanted text replacements:
  • If you delete the text replacement with Backspaces, PhraseExpress will suppress the text replacement for the very next time you enter it's associated autotext abbreviation. This unwanted autotext detection can be configured in the program settings under "Settings » Features".
  • Alternatively, press & hold the SHIFT-key and click the PhraseExpress tray icon right after an unwanted text replacement occurred. PhraseExpress will open the edit window of the unwanted text replacement, allowing you to edit the autotext or hotkey association. You can also restrict the detection of the autotext to specific programs.
  • Or, right-click the PhraseExpress task bar icon to get additional options to exclude that phrase or PhraseExpress in general from particular programs by unchecking the context menu option "Detect typing in [program xyz]".
  • Perhaps, it's not PhraseExpress, doing the text replacement: Exit PhraseExpress and repeat entering the text, that triggered the unwanted text replacement. PhraseExpress can't replace text if it is not running. If the text replacement still occurs, you would need to investigate which other application may cause the unwanted behavior (e.g. Microsoft Office AutoCorrect).

If you get an unwanted popup menu with text suggestions or phrases, you can right-click such entry in the popup menu to get options to prevent future suggestions.

You can define a custom hotkey to open the last executed phrase in the PhraseExpress settings in the program setttings under "Settings » Hotkeys".

Yes, PhraseExpress includes a multilingual spelling checker. Unrecognized words are underlined in red as in Microsoft Word.


The PhraseExpress Android App can sync phrases with the PhraseExpress version for Windows by using the Cloud Synchronization service "Google Drive".

Please find the easy step-by-step procedure in the Android App documentation.

  • Depending on the text insertion settings, PhraseExpress may use the Windows clipboard as a vehicle to insert phrases into a target application.

    As clipboard operations tend to lag, PhraseExpress waits a certain period of time allowing the clipboard to be filled with the phrase contents. If the default delay doesn't give the clipboard enough time, the clipboard insertion may be triggered too fast before the clipboard has been populated with the actual phrase. Solution: Increase the paste delays.
  • Make sure that no other clipboard related software is accessing/blocking the clipboard. Close any other software in the background to isolate potential incompatibilities or interferences.

The Android App exclusively uses Google Drive to sync phrases between Android devices and Windows. The App for iPhone/iPad requires to use Apple iCloud Drive to sync phrases between iOS devices and Windows.

Therefore, you cannot sync between Android and iOS at this time. We are looking for a solution and will provide an update to overcome this solution if available.

The maximum storable length should be sufficient for all practical cases.

There is certainly a theoretical maximum length that we have not yet been able to achieve in our tests, though.

Please try the free demo to find out if PhraseExpress is suitable for your tasks.

Slow program start?

With Windows 10 Update to 1903, the "ActiveProtection" feature of Acronis TrueImage software blocks mouse hooks. PhraseExpress uses such mouse hooks to determine the mouse position for displaying text menus at the mouse pointer, for example.

Solution: Consider disabling "ActiveProtection" in Acronis until Acronis provides a bug fix.