Remote Technical Support

As a special service for our Windows version customers we offer remote assistance via TeamViewer:

  1. Arrange a remote desktop session with us.
  2. Download the TeamViewer client. This single program file doesn't need any installation and can be executed directly.
  3. Prepare everything so you can show us any issue when you call us. Being prepared saves you and us time allowing us to serve other users as well.
  4. Have your license key available (see "Help" ยป "About PhraseExpress"). Support is reserved for customers with a valid maintenance.
  5. Call us when you see the "Partner ID" displayed in the TeamViewer client.

The remote access program enables us to control your computer to assist you with PhraseExpress.

Important Notes

  • We are located in Germany and time zone is 9 hours ahead Pacific Standard Time (click here to check our business hours).
  • Make sure to not to expose confidential information on your desktop or in PhraseExpress as remote desktop access grants visual access to your computer.
  • You can cancel the remote desktop access session at any time.
  • This is service is provided on invitation on a complimentary basis. You can also order service tickets that include our remote support service.

Download Teamviewer Client