PhraseExpander Alternative

PhraseExpress is a light-weight and powerful Phrase Expander for Windows:

Phrase Expander for Windows

PhraseExpander vs PhraseExpress

The maker of PhraseExpander made the decision to choose a confusingly similar name to our original PhraseExpress brand, established for more than 15 years.

However, this does not mean, that the software is the same - Please take a close look:

  • PhraseExpress is available for Windows and Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android.
  • PhraseExpress supports Firebird and Microsoft SQL servers. The professional client-/server architecture saves you from write collisions and conflicting edits.
  • PhraseExpress can be combined with the free macro program Mouse Recorder to automate repetitive tasks.
  • PhraseExpress can organize your templates not only in a hierarchical folder structure but also in multiple levels for multi-language use.
  • PhraseExpress allows you to restrict each individual phrases to specific users and target applications.
  • The Document Generator creates entire documents based on your boilerplate templates.
  • The powerful macro language has an unparalleled combination of features.
  • The Outlook Add-In auto-fills salutations and suggests phrases matching the email topic.
  • PhraseExpress stores phrases not only in RichText format but also with native Microsoft Word formatting including Word placeholders and embedded Excel spreadsheets.
  • PhraseExpress is available as a portable edition, allowing you to run it from a USB thumb drive for use on any computer.

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