Maintenance Info

So much more than just updates.

With your purchase, you do not only obtain a license to use our software but additionally receive any update, upgrade and major new version within the selected 1, 3 or 5 years maintenance term.

The software change log shows our commitment to continuosly enhance the software. All those new features and improvements are provided to our customers with no extra charge.

Your benefits

  • Your license does not expire and is valid life-time. It is no subscription and there is no recurring payment.
  • If a new version is released just shortly after your purchase, it is free for you and included in your maintenance at no extra cost.
  • Long-term maintenances come with attractive extra discounts.

Purchase license

Is your maintenance expired?

  • No problem. The software itself does not expire. You can continue to use the version, that you were able to download within your purchased maintenance term. However, you won't get support or updates anymore which may be required if you upgrade your OS, for example. Make sure to secure your installer file for future installations as we do not host an installer archive.
  • Renew maintenance for your license with discount to stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and to maintain compatibility with your operating system.

How to renew maintenance?

Returning customers get renewal discount. You can also upgrade to a higher product edition and secure huge extra discount if choosing a longer maintenance period: