PhraseExpress for Mac Feature List

Overview of available features of PhraseExpress for Mac:

Phrase Organizer Functions

  • Text snippets can be organized into a customizable multi-level folder structure.
  • Phrases can be selected/triggered by…
  • Text snippets can be with text formatting.

Multi-Platform Support

Dynamic Phrase Contents

Static phrases can be enhanced with dynamic content:

Autotext features

  • Autotext abbreviations can be re-used for multiple phrases. In such case, a multiple choice menu allows you to select the desired phrase.
  • Autotexts can be automatically expanded or offered in a popup menu for optional insertion.


Macro functions helps to automate repetitive tasks:

Sharing Phrases

  • Multiple users can access and share a common phrase file.
  • PhraseExpress keeps a history of changes with a a rolling backup of the shared phrase file.