New features in PhraseExpress v3 for Mac

Learn more what is about to come to the new version:

Clipboard Manager

The Clipboard Manager provides instant access to earlier contents of your clipboard.

Clipboard items you wish to keep can be moved into your permanent snippet library easily.

macOS Autotext Import

MacOS system autotexts can now be imported for use with PhraseExpress with advanced feature:

  • Multi-line text
  • Text formatting and bitmaps
  • Synchronization with Windows and iPhone/iPad
  • Powerful macros

Program Restriction

Any selection of phrases can be restricted to specific target programs. You can specify phrases, that only show up when browsing the web or define another set of snippets while working in your text editor.

Search & Replace

PhraseExpress for Mac allows you to search any text in phrase descriptions, phrase contents or autotext and replace it with another text of your choice. Power users can even perform complex RegEx queries.

CSV Import

Import your existing text in CSV format for use with PhraseExpress.

Access to last used phrases

Get quick access to the last used phrases provided in a dedicated phrase folder.

This comes in handy if you need to cycle through a specific phrases.

Beta Download

Your feedback helps us put the final tweaks on performance and functionality in a stable environment.

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