Language translation

The text translation feature is powered by the external online translation service "Deepl Pro". To translate text and phrases, click "Visit" and subscribe to their service. You would need the "Developer account":

* Pricing in this screenshot may have changed since creation in 11/20/2018. We are not affiliated with Deepl.

After subscription and payment, you will receive a personal "Deepl API key" (example: 43943f3fd-r46f-0kqeb-55c-6lk3l2s183ab8).

Copy & paste the API key into the input box and press the button next to it to log onto the service.

You can also update the subscriptions status and review your remaining credits which is counted in characters.

For more information about Deepl, please visit

Keep your Deepl API key confidential and at a safe place. PhraseExpress stores the key with encryption and you cannot restore it from PhraseExpress. You may be able to retrieve your Deepl API key from your Deepl online account.

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