OpenAI Text Processing

The smart OpenAI and ChatGPT technology understands language similar to a human, allowing you to generate or rewrite your text templates in PhraseExpress or even in any program on your computer, e.g. to shorten, extend, correct text or to change gender, pronouns, time, singular/plural, etc.

It can also assist you to answer emails with AI support or translate text in any application on your computer.

AI-process phrases

To process your existing phrases with AI:
  1. Open the program window.
  2. In the phrase tree, select the phrase and optionally the text part you wish to modify. If no text is highlighted, the entire phrase will be processed.
  3. Right-click in the phrases content field.
  4. To modify the selected text/phrase choose "AI process text…" and select the desired preset:

The gear icon allows you to fine-tune OpenAI related parameters. For more information and support refer to the OpenAI documentation.

To undo the text processing of the phrase, press the Undo hotkey CMD-Z.

The phrase must not contain macro functions.

Generate phrases with AI

PhraseExpress cannot only rewrite existing phrases with AI support but also generate new text templates.

To generate new phrase contents with AI:
  1. Open the main program window.
  2. Create a new phrase, or in the phrase tree, select a phrase in which you want to extend with AI-generated text.
  3. Right-click in the phrases content field, select "AI text generator":

  4. Describe the desired the text in natural language and press "Generate text".
  5. Tweak the result or change the description to optimize the AI output.

The gear icon allows you to fine-tune OpenAI related parameters:

Please check the OpenAI documentation for OpenAI support.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents