Phrase content

The phrase content consists of text (including macro functions) that is inserted into the target application when the phrase is called, and can be saved with or without text formatting.

Text can be stored with or without formatting, tables and bitmaps:


  • Phrase without text formatting and without bitmaps.
  • Phrase formatting adapts current formatting of the target document/application.
  • Efficient and memory resource friendly.
  • The text formatting automatically adapts to the formatting in the target application.

We strongly recommend to prefer unformatted phrases for maximum flexibility and compatibility.

  • Phrases with formatted text and/or bitmaps.
  • Requires more space in the phrase file.

Use only, if text formatting, tables or bitmaps are required.

To switch the formatting type of an existing phrase, right-click into the phrase contents box and choose the desired option from the context menu.

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