Help Desk Software

We all know that businesses depend on technology more than ever. Except that means more work for the people at your help desk as they try to support more users. And they’re supposed to cut costs, too.

PhraseExpress can automate your tech support, making your help desk more effective.

This translates into time and money - both your customers and support staff can spend less time resolving common, everyday problems and more time on the important things.

Our enterprise customer assistance solution PhraseExpress enables you to provide more efficient service, your customers are happier and your costs go down too.

Efficient communication

  • Slash tech support costs using tools to serve more customers with less effort.
  • Free up the help desk for critical issues.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction through speedy tech support.
  • Decrease support case handling time through instant access to a text snippets based knowledge base.
  • PhraseExpress integrates smoothly with any existing 3rd party support or helpdesk software.


  • PhraseExpress can manage all answers of frequently asked questions and issues and insert them into any 3rd party helpdesk software in a snap.
  • PhraseExpress is platform independent and speeds up handling customer issues.
  • Templates can be organized in categories.
  • The boilerplate template solutions can be pasted in any application such as a browser, email client or sophisticated support incident management system
  • PhraseExpress outperforms built-in template solutions with many additional options
  • Answers can be enhanced with illustrations.
  • Boiler templates can be linked and nested to generate complex answers based on flexible components.

These capabilities help you reduce call-handling times, increase first-call resolution rates and improve your quality of service. And this means more efficiency and less expense. You actually save bundles of money.